Developing Your Team’s Potential (WT552)

Developing Your Team’s Potential (WT552)


WT 552 Developing Your Team's Potential

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know what people think of you and how highly they regard you?

This week I was talking with one of my legends; we’ll call her Vanessa, about an Introduction to Management workshop that I’ll be presenting on Tuesday 2nd February in Gosford, NSW.

I was explaining why I was invited to run the workshop at Realtair Academy by Lee Woodward, Creative Director for Realtair.

Lee has trained thousands of real estate agents over the past 20 years and has been instrumental in the growth and development of some of the most successful real estate businesses. He mentioned to me that he sees great potential in many of the employees he works with throughout the real estate industry and the sad fact is that many of those he sees potential in, especially women, sadly do not see how talented they are nor what’s possible for them.

As I was telling Vanessa, she shared her story which is exactly what we’re talking about.

“I think back to as a journalist, and I had one particular editor who clearly saw me as a leader and pushed me because he saw the previous editor hadn’t or didn’t develop people particularly well. But this guy really pinpointed particular people and we all had to go through this big leadership program through Fairfax.”

“I was petrified to start with, absolutely petrified. I went through it and kept thinking, I don’t know this stuff. Who am I to be doing this sort of stuff? And in the end, as an example, the guy who is currently very high up and working for one of the country’s leaders, is a guy that I trained as a journalist in our newsroom and who was petrified as a journalist and now look where he is.”

She continued, “You never know where somebody is going to end up. I ended up thriving on that whole nurturing the next generation of journalists that come through, I loved it. My boss made me the chief copy editor so that I could sit down with a cadet journalist and work through the copy and share because he was a highly Directive personality. He couldn’t teach the young journalists who were petrified of him because he was so scary.”

“He saw that I was very nurturing and that I would guide people through and be patient with their learning and so I ended up becoming the only copy editor and no one else could touch copy except for me or him. In fact, he would often say, Vanessa is not editor material, she will become a general manager, that’s where she’s destined to go.”

If you’re a team leader or manager, are you resonating with this? Is there someone on your team that doesn’t see their potential? As their leader or manager, like Vanessa, you don’t know what impact you could have on someone or where they could end up.

So if you have a team member that can’t see the potential you see for them, consider sending them to the workshop. It’ll be a unique experience designed to increase confidence and help your team members see what you see in them. It’s not only an investment in them, it’s an investment in the future success of your business.

The same goes for you, if you ARE THAT TEAM MEMBER who doesn’t see in yourself what others see in you. If you are petrified and don’t see that you could be the manager or leader making a difference to the people you’ll be managing or maybe you’re just curious to discover the difference between leadership and management. I invite you to attend the workshop. We’ll be discussing the Top 10 Skills you need as a leader and you might be surprised to see that you already have some, if not, most of them.

If you’re reading this and you are a manager/leader, I invite you to do a quick self-assessment and ask yourself, what are you currently doing to ensure that the people in your team grow and develop. In other words, what is your succession plan? Do you have one? If not, maybe now would be a good time to do something about that.

Click here to hear my interview with Lee Woodward about what it takes to be a successful manager and to find out more about the workshop. It’s not just for people in the real estate industry, anyone is welcome.

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Notify Your Face (WT551)

Notify Your Face (WT551)


WT 551 Notify your face

Have you ever witnessed someone say and do something that just made you cringe?

For me, it was about 13 years ago, whilst I was a participant in a training program.

The presenter was proudly telling her story about how she confronted a local checkout operator.

“Are you happy?” she asked the checkout operator.

“Yes”, replied the young girl.

“Well, notify your face”, boomed the presenter and laughed heartily.

Wow! I didn’t think that was funny. I didn’t laugh.

I thought it was cruel and righteous, which brings me to my point this week.

We all have different personalities; some are gregarious and outgoing and funny and loud and others are the exact opposite.

Because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re bad or that there is something wrong with us.

This presenter showed a complete lack of understanding of the differences and individuality in people.

I’m fascinated by people and I’ve been studying people all my life. I love people. I don’t always like them, nor they me and that’s okay because it would be a dull old world if we were all the same.

We need our differences. We need people to see things differently to us. We need people to do things differently to us, especially if we’re on a team.

We need the Drivers, the Coaches, the Advisors and the Counsellors. Each personality type has strengths and weaknesses and together they compliment each other and create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts (that’s the definition of “Synergy”).

If I take my own advice, I need to accept that the presenter has different views and ways of showing up than I do and I shall stop being judgmental and righteous myself.

I’m absolutely passionate about understanding our differences and making the most of them.

Today I’m hosting a free online training “How Your Personality Affects How Well You Lead”.

It’s on Friday 15th January at 11:00am AEST (Sydney time).

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. Simply register for the training and we’ll send you a link to the replay.

Let’s start the year with tolerance and understanding – that is, of others and ourselves.

Click Here to register for the training.

And it’s okay with me if you’re happy and you’re the quiet type. I’m not going to demand that you Notify Your Face.

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Being on a Team Makes a Difference (WT550)

Being on a Team Makes a Difference (WT550)


WT 550 Being on a team makes a difference

Playing Finska, (a form of skittles) on New Year’s Eve, I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t know the strategies and I certainly wasn’t very good.

As I moved off the field after having my zero score turn, yet again, I heard another player refer to her team members.

“Are we playing in teams?” I asked.

“Yes. We’ve all been allocated to a team. There are 4 teams.”

“Oh”, I said. “How do I find out whose team I am on?”

“Just go and ask over there, to whoever has the score sheet.”

I found out who my team members were and immediately went and apologized for my lack of contribution to our overall score.

I was amazed at the difference to my mindset and competitive spirit once I found out I was part of a team.

Instantly I cared about supporting my team. I cared about my contribution. I didn’t want to let the team down.

Having scored three lots of zero points, I was determined to do better.

On my next turn, I thought of the team and simply threw the baton with gusto.

I scored 6.

Whilst we didn’t end up winning and I wasn’t the only player to score zero, (it’s actually a harder game to play than it appears), I did learn a very valuable lesson about the impact and influence of being on a team.

Think about the teams you’re on or not on.

What difference does it make to you and your commitment and performance, knowing that you are there to support each other towards achieving the end goal?

Being on a team really does make a difference.

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Life is Always Working for You (WT549)

Life is Always Working for You (WT549)


WT 549 David Bayer_Shirley Dalton Graduation

This time last year I was preparing to fly to the US to graduate as a Transformational Mindset Facilitator with David Bayer.

The year ahead felt full of possibility and excitement.

Two months later, in March 2020, I again headed to the US to attend David Bayer’s 3 Day Powerful Living Experience.

At the same time, another world-wide event started to make its impact on us. Of course, that was COVID-19.

As we flew back to Australia from Orlando, via Dallas, Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston, it felt like the world was shutting down behind us. Like the ending scene in the TV show Get Smart, where all the doors close behind him.

Wow! What a year.

We arrived in Launceston to a 2 week quarantine period. Thankfully we could self-isolate in our motorhome. For this I am eternally grateful, as I am to our friends who supported us by shopping for us and providing us with 2 week’s worth of groceries.

Wow! What a year.

As I write to you today on the eve of New Year’s Day 2021, I am grateful for one of the learnings from David Bayer.

“Life is ALWAYS working for you, even though at times it may not be to your preference.”

Let’s just reflect on that for a moment.

Think about the year, 2020.

How has it worked for you, even though at the times, it may not have been to your liking?

At first, I didn’t like having to self-isolate. I didn’t like having my travel plans interrupted when we all went into lock down. I didn’t like having to cancel my face to face Leading Yourself and Leading Others experience and yet, as I look back on the year, I can see that Life was working for me.

I was safe. I was in Tasmania. I found a way to run the leadership experience online. This saved the participants 50% in cost not to mention travel.

I had been saying that I wanted to have an online business. Well, the universe delivered. My business was totally online for many months.

I also discovered how important physical touch is to me as I yearned to hug my legends and be in the room with them.

Life is always working for you.

As we prepare to start 2021, how about spending a few minutes to reflect on how 2020 actually worked for you.

Spend a few minutes in gratitude and see the blessings from 2020.

You might just find a whole heap of evidence to show you that Life is Always Working for You.

I wish you everything you want and more for 2021.

P.S. I am so excited to announce that we’ll be holding our Leading Yourself and Leading Others Experience IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE in Newcastle, NSW, Australia in February 2021 – Thursdays and Fridays 11th, 12th, 25th and 26th February.

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Christmas Comes Every Year Whether You’re Organised or Not (WT548)

Christmas Comes Every Year Whether You’re Organised or Not (WT548)


WT 548 Christmas comes every year

It’s Christmas morning and I’m a little late with our Weekly Thought.

Firstly, wishing you a very happy Christmas or Holiday Season.

It’s been a big big year for all of us and with all the challenges, there are still so many things to be grateful for.

I’m grateful to be on this journey with you. What an adventure we are having.

This adventure called Life.

It’s not about the destination because we’re all headed to the same place; back to where we came from.

It’s about the adventure; it’s about the journey.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for some wise words of wisdom from a group of amazing ladies that I volunteered with, in a tiny charity called Make Today Count.

Our little charity supported people and their families who were dealing with a life threatening illness.

We each had our special gifts to contribute to the organization and the people we supported.

My gift was the ability to organise things and get things done.

It was during one of our committee meetings that I was beating myself up for not having completed a task.

“Shirl, Christmas comes every year, whether you’re organized or not”, said one of the ladies.

This stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t even near Christmas but she was right.

Here it is today and I’m a little late with the weekly thought.

I was a little disorganized this week and Christmas Day arrived anyway.

My encouragement to you this week is to take the ladies’ advice. The message and the learning I took from them is not to get all hung up about what’s done and not done. Things happen, whether we’re ready or not. Things happen whether we’re organized or not.

It’s called life. You may as well enjoy it.

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