Down a Long Dark Tunnel (WT692)

Down a Long Dark Tunnel (WT692)


WT 692 Down a long dark tunnel

I’m so blessed.

I have such great people in my life and community.

This week I was working with my accountant.

I was sharing my desire to travel to South Africa next year to complete the Silva Method Mind Control course again.

The training is being held in a game park and it has always been my goal to visit a game park. This would be an amazing experience, combining the two.

I expressed a little doubt about how I can manifest this and my awareness that this doubt is what will prevent the manifestation.

My accountant surprised me with his response. He said, “It’s like going down a dark tunnel, where you can’t see anything and you have to feel your way through and yet you know you’ll reach the end and get your goal.”


It’s the commitment, the determination, the faith and belief that you will have what you want.

In that moment, I realised I needed to decide; to commit to making it so and taking action.

I’m ready to walk into the long dark tunnel of faith and belief because I know I will emerge into the light.

How about you?

Have you got a long dark tunnel you need to walk down?

Is there something you want and yet doubt your ability to have it?

If so, I encourage you to get into that tunnel.

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You Don’t Have to Know (WT691)

You Don’t Have to Know (WT691)


WT 691 You don't have to know

This week Ross and I have been enjoying a road trip from Newcastle to Melbourne to Adelaide.

We attended a personal development workshop with Kachina Ma’an and I want to share one of the biggest takeaways for me.

We were discussing our limitations.

We talked about what holds us back.

One of those things is a belief or expectation that we have to know, that we have to analyse, that we have to truly understand what stops us from achieving or being what and who we want.

In one short sentence, Kachina dispelled that. She said, “You don’t have to know what’s in the garbage to empty it”.

Oh boy!

How liberating is that?

We don’t have to spend hours, days, weeks, months or years desperately trying to understand what holds us back. We simply need to empty the garbage.

Kachina gave us tools to do just this.

In less than 10 seconds a day, we can empty the garbage and start the day with a fresh new perspective.

This is similar to what Dr Joe Vitale talks about when he explains Ho’oponopono, in his book “Zero Limits”, where our aim is to clear the slate and get back to zero memories.

This may or may not resonate with you. That will depend on your beliefs and values.

For me, I’m all for an easy way to do things.  We don’t need to make it hard.

So, your mission this week is to become aware of your habitual thinking.

Become aware of your habitual expectations and if you find that they’re negative, be open to being able to release them.

Remember, you don’t have to know what’s in the garbage to empty it.

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Extract Those Limiting Beliefs (WT690)

Extract Those Limiting Beliefs (WT690)


WT 690 Extract those limiting beliefs

The other morning Ross and I were lying in bed and talking.

“I wish I could just reach in and rip out all my limiting beliefs”, I said.

“Even the ones I don’t know I have.”

“Why don’t you?” Ross asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Remember, when we did The Silva Method Course with Jeanine Sciacca and she said, the more outlandish and weird, the quicker things work?”


“Well, why don’t you go into your mental workshop and have aliens or some other weird way  to extract all your limiting beliefs?”

“Wow! Yes. Thank you Ross. I can do that.”

And I did.

I used the Silva Method to go into my mental workshop and I had my team extract two big “blocks” of limiting beliefs; one from each side of my head, just near the Amygdala.

It felt sooooo good.

The blocks were replaced with what David Bayer calls Empowered Decisions because a limiting belief is a decision we’ve made at some point in time. We know how to make decisions, so let’s make new ones.

My new empowered decisions have all been infused into a beautiful pink love-heart shaped cushion and placed into my mind to replace all the limiting beliefs.

I feel so confident. I feel so grateful. I feel so positive.

We all have limiting beliefs, some of which we are conscious of and others not so.

This week I encourage you to listen to yourself and become aware of your limiting beliefs, and either choose to turn them into empowered decisions or follow my lead and extract them altogether.

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How Quick Can You Manifest (WT689)

How Quick Can You Manifest (WT689)


WT 689 How quick can you manifest

When we talk about manifesting, what thoughts come to mind for you?

For many of us, it’s the attainment of something we have been wanting.

Whether we’ve consciously worked to create our desire, as in visualising, reciting affirmations, journaling etc. or unconsciously, where we’ve simply decided we want something and then seemingly magically it appears, according to Abraham Hicks, “Manifestation represents what you’re doing vibrationally”.

In other words, you attract what is a match for your current vibration.

Abraham says, “Manifestations are ideas. Thoughts are manifestations. When you’re thinking of something, it’s a thought that’s manifested. You have to be in the vibrational vicinity of it before it can occur and if you’re in the vibrational vicinity when it does occur, it just feels logical.”

Recently I wrote out my affirmation statement of how I want to enjoy my day. For me, the idea of being able to walk along the beach each morning and afternoon is really appealing. I love walking along the water’s edge with the waves lapping at my feet.

To my surprise and delight, it only took a few weeks and that was exactly what I was doing.

Ross and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend at Seal Rocks having hired a friend’s motorhome. Each morning and afternoon we walked along Number 1 Beach, relaxing and soaking in the beautiful sunshine, with the water tickling our toes.

What is it you want to manifest?

What are your desires?

If it’s not happening, maybe it’s time to take a look at where you are vibrationally so you can ensure you’re a match for what you want.

The sooner you match your vibration, the sooner you’ll manifest your desires.

Here’s the link to Abraham Hicks for their thoughts and definition of manifestation.

May you enjoy everything you want and then some, in quick time.

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What If I Train Them And They Go (WT688)

What If I Train Them And They Go (WT688)


WT 688 What if I train them and they go

This week I was coaching with a client (we’ll call her Stacey). Stacey had some homework to submit from our previous session. She was to create a 5 minute training video using

We’d talked about different ways to train people in previous sessions and Stacey had resisted using Loom. “I don’t like my voice. I don’t want to be seen on camera. I say ‘um’ a lot.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I only know one person who admits to liking their voice. When it comes to being seen, turn the camera off or even better, remember what Frank Kern taught me:

“People are looking at you every day. Get over it.”

So Stacey did.

She submitted the video and we watched it together on Zoom. It was a fabulous video. It was natural. It was authentic; just as if Stacey was sitting next to you, showing you how to do it.

Stacey had even made a mistake in the procedure and corrected it in real time. This was perfect because it showed how easy mistakes can be made and more importantly how they can be easily fixed.

I asked Stacey what she got out of doing the homework.

Firstly, she mentioned that she got it done because I held her accountable to do it.

Secondly, she realised how much time she is going to get back, now that she has a 5 minute training video to show others how to do a job that could take hours of her time, when a senior manager could be working on more productive or strategic tasks.

Stacey also realised that having the library of training videos and procedures means she doesn’t have to continually train people on an individual basis.

“I’ve realised how much time I’ve lost over the years training people who leave the company. I don’t get to recoup that time when they’ve left nor do I get any return on my investment when they leave. I get nothing out of it.”

This is a common experience that can result in a lack of motivation and desire to train new people, which doesn’t help the new team members.

So, if you have the responsibility of training people, have you considered creating videos in  You’ll need a gmail account and to use the Chrome browser. It works really well for screen capturing procedures that are done on the computer.

What used to take hours to write and screenshot procedures, can now be done in minutes.

Stacey isn’t the only person I’ve worked with who has resisted using Loom. Yet those who have accepted the challenge and encouragement have become excited to do more.

If you’re resisting, please just have a go.  No-one else needs to see your first couple of attempts.

As Les Brown says, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to start to get great.”

If you’re interested to know more tips and strategies to save yourself time, today is the last day to enrol for the next Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series. Imagine how much time you’ll get back when you know how to write the right way and how to effortlessly streamline your work.

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Find Your Treasure (WT687)

Find Your Treasure (WT687)


WT 687 Find your treasure

Every now and then you hear a quote or a little saying that resonates and becomes a mantra that you live by.

Tonight, I heard two and I wanted to share them with you and give you some context as to why they resonated.

Hopefully they’ll resonate with you too.

Here’s a bit of background. A couple of weeks ago I attended Louise Hay’s “Love Yourself, Heal Your Life” course, facilitated by Jeanine Sciacca.

It was an amazing experience and I met some amazing people.

Tonight, was a catch up for the attendees to check in and see what, if anything had changed or transformed since the course.

As participants shared their stories, Jeanine reflected and heard herself say, for the very first time ever, that we are “Perfectly Spiritual and Imperfectly Human”.

Wowza! I had goose bumps. My belief system is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we are on this earth at this time to experience all that being human has to offer; all the emotions, all the various physical forms (health, sport, senses etc.) and mentally through our thoughts. Yes! Yes! Yes! We are perfectly spiritual and imperfectly human. Thank you, Jeanine.

The second quotable quote: “The cave you fear to enter is the cave that holds the treasure you seek” (source unknown).

OMG! How often do we hold ourselves back through fear, through not feeling worthy, not being good enough or the imposter syndrome?

Let this week be the week you start to change all that.

Let this week be the week you identify the cave.

Let this week be the week that you dare to enter to the cave.

Let this week be the week you claim your treasure.

What is it that you seek?

Ask and have faith because your perfect spiritual essence will help you enter that cave and find your treasure.

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