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Having a business that runs smoothly might seem like a far-fetched dream for you right now.

Because at the moment:

  • Nobody seems to do what you ask, even though you’ve provided clear instructions
  • Getting people to take responsibility for their work feels impossible
  • Your money and time get poured down the drain — you train people up…only for them to leave (which sucks you back into the technical side of things)
  • You can’t switch off from the business. You’re constantly thinking about it and putting out fires, and
  • You never get a holiday. Since you’ve started your business, you haven’t had time away to recharge or spend time with your family. There’s no one you can trust to keep things running while you’re gone.

All of it leaves you feeling totally overwhelmed, pissed off or stuck…

“Why did I go into business in the first place?!”

The truth is: it doesn’t have to be this way. The freedom and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family IS NOT out of reach.

Once your people and processes are finally getting the job done just as well as you do, whole new possibilities open up. You can have a business that hums along without needing you to be there all the time:

  • one you can sell at a profit
  • one you can grow or even franchise,
  • or even just one that allows you to enjoy time with your family or to go on a holiday.

This can be a reality for you, and I’m here to show you how.

Let’s get your business back on track so you can reclaim your freedom and get your life back.

“In over 10 years of experience working with Shirley, there has never been a people problem I couldn’t call Shirley to discuss and at the end of the call know how to resolve. It just doesn’t exist. Shirley listens and asks questions until I come up with a rough idea or solution. Then Shirley helps me to refine and fine tune it, so I can implement it and get the results.” 

Ray Lehrer, Managing Director, Advance Design

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