Get Shirlified

“When you know better, you can do better.”

Trusted Advisor – Need a Dose of Shirley

Got a big decision to make?
Need some help with strategy or your business model?
Want someone to act as a sounding board?
Looking for another point of view?
Could use an extra team member whom you can trust to tell you the truth?
Love the ability to tap into an extensive network of trusted experts and advisors?

“Get Shirlified” is a term my clients coined to describe the outcome of the work we do together. It’s a way of describing how graduates of our programs interact with each other in a respectful and assertive manner, looking for the Win Win in all situations. It’s a way of being and it’s a set of skills. When you’ve been Shirlified, you show up differently. You are more likely to get what you want but not at the expense of others. Your relationships will improve and you’ll find it easy to have THAT conversation. No longer will you shy away from conflict and the irony is, that with your new mindset and skill set, the amount of conflict in your life will decrease dramatically.

“A Dose of Shirley” is another term they use to describe their need to have someone listen to them, act as a sounding board or advisor when they have difficult decisions to make or are feeling stuck.

As your trusted advisor you can count on me to be there when needed and to share everything I know plus use my above average ability to provide you with insights to help you make the right decisions for you and your company at the right time through my Blueprint For Business Freedom.


Blueprint for Business Freedom

When I first started my business I focussed entirely on helping business owners create simple and robust Systems for their business. What I found was that when we finished the project the systems would often fall over.

I realised this was because the owners didn’t know how to lead and manage their People or hold them accountable.

So with my extensive coaching experience and degrees in psychology and education, I started working with them individually to help them understand themselves, their people and improve their communication skills. Before long they had their businesses humming because their people knew exactly what they had to do to what standard.

The final step was to integrate psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, as well as work on mindset. This is what I call Possibility. In this step, we focus on getting clear about what you want and why you want it. We then look at tools and techniques to create what you want and clear any obstacles getting in your way. When you focus on People, Process and Possibility, you really do Align Your Business, People and Systems so you can finally Reclaim Your Freedom and Get Your Life Back.

Business Leadership Membership

Membership Program

Are you ready to reclaim your freedom by leading your people, your processes and yourself with confidence? The Practical Leader Membership is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to communicate, motivate, and lead your people — but how to do so in a way that finally gives you the freedom to get your life back.

Working With Shirley Dalton
Work With Me
You’re a smart and capable business owner now running a massively successful business. Which is why you’re so frustrated to find yourself micromanaging staff, feeling you have to do everything yourself, and working night and day and still not getting on top of things. When your people and your systems are working FOR your business instead of against it, you’ll finally build a successful business that’s independent of whether you’re there or not.

If you don’t know Shirl; I’ve got to say that in the 15 or so years I’ve known her, she has been one of the biggest influences on our business success and my personal mindset and understanding of many key principles that can be used in so many sections of life.

Mark Kentwell, Managing Director, PRD Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

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