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As a 9 year old auditioning for the part of Nancy in the school play, Oliver, I learned from my not so encouraging teacher that actors needed to be able to sing and dance. I could do neither, and so away went my dream of becoming an actor …. for a while. As with all dreams and things we are passionate about, we find a way to fulfil them.

As I got older and more experienced, I found the speaking platform and took to it like a fish to water.

I love to chat with an audience. I love to inspire and educate my audience to go for what they want; to become better leaders and better people who create their ideal business lifestyles as well as share tips and strategies for how to have THAT conversation.

For three years, I hosted my own TV and radio shows – Business Life TV and Reclaim Your Freedom, wrote and published my own book Weekly Thoughts and contributed to three best selling books – 25 Brilliant Speakers, Empower Business Everywhere, Empowering You Transforming Lives. I’ve also been interviewed on other podcasts.

Below are my most requested speaking topics. Click Here to book me for your next event

25 Brilliant Speakers book

TALK 1: How to Have THAT Conversation

How to Have THAT Conversation is not just for business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. Rather, everyone in everyday situations will find themselves, at one time or another, faced with having to confront another about what we call their “unacceptable behaviour”.

How would you like to not only have the confidence to start the conversation, but have the skills to be able to handle yourself assertively and respectfully during the conversation?

In this speech, audience members will learn:

  • How to initiate the conversation
  • How to construct messages that are assertive not aggressive
  • The number one skill you need to engage the other in resolving the issue
  • How to work out who owns the problem.

Audience members will leave feeling confident and competent to assertively express their needs and successfully Have THAT Conversation.


TALK 2: How to Build Processes and Get the Best out of Your People

Perhaps you’ve been in business for a number of years and you’ve now decided you want to get structured and organised. You realise the importance of having procedures and you want to rebuild or refine your business, get ready to retire or sell your business, or maybe you’re relatively new to your industry.

Whatever your reason, if you want to know the quick and easy ways to structure and organise your business and leave with a detailed action plan you can implement immediately, you can’t afford to miss this workshop.

Having consistent processes and procedures in your business, along with clearly defined roles, gives your people and business the best chance of success without costing you more time or money.

In this 4-hour workshop you will actively work on your business. This is not just theory; you will be working on your business, applying your new skills straight away.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a procedure, process and system and why you absolutely must have procedures in your business
  • How to write procedures so they are easily understood and followed
  • The four critical words to keep you focussed and on target
  • How to easily identify tasks you can delegate or outsource
  • The four questions you need to address to successfully train your people
  • Why Key Performance Indicators and Key Behaviour Indicators are superior to job/role descriptions and how to create them
  • The most important sentence you’ll ever need when supervising your people


Here’s a sample of the clients and organisations and associations that Shirley has presented for:

  • Institution of Surveyors NSW Annual Conference, Newcastle, Feb 2023
  • Lake Macquarie Women in Business Network, 2022
  • Realtair The Complete Leader Conference, 2022
  • Better Business Place with Glenn Kirkwood
  • LJ Hooker Belmont
  • PRD Newcastle and Lake Macquarie
  • Northrop Consulting Engineers
  • LJ Hooker Warners Bay/Toronto/Wangi Wangi
  • Hodges Real Estate – Sandringham
  • Real Estate Academy – The Complete Leader Conference
  • Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW
  • Newcastle Business Enterprise Centre
  • Hunter Business Chamber
  • Uniting Bookkeepers Association
  • Toyne Business Consultants
  • BNI
  • Charlestown Business Chamber
  • Association of Australian Professional Organisers
  • Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants
  • Davidson Accountants Client Conference – Vietnam
  • Great Lakes Council
  • Business SWAP
  • Various Rotary chapters
  • Integrity and Values.com (Annual Conference)
  • Lake Macquarie Business Centre
  • Lawler Partners
  • Women in Business & Associated Services
  • Young Chartered Accountants Group
  • Hunter Business Women’s Network
  • Central Coast Business Women Connect


If you have already booked Shirley, you are welcome to use the following Introduction and photos to promote your event. Right click to download.

Interview/Book Shirley Dalton 

To interview or book Shirley call +61 402 281 146

Alternatively you can submit an online enquiry here

Why Book Shirley For Your Speaking Engagement?

She captivates and engages her audiences and shares with them practical and easy to implement tips and strategies to create their ideal business and personal lifestyles.

Shirley is one of those rare individuals who is naturally curious and just can’t help herself when it comes to learning. She loves nothing better than to learn, learn, learn and to teach, teach, teach.

She is extremely generous when it comes to sharing her 21+ years of practical experience, knowledge and wisdom.

When you book Shirley you can be assured your audience will not only be entertained and enjoy a laugh but will gain valuable knowledge that they can immediately use.

Whether you hire Shirley for one hour or one day or more, here are some of the things your audience can expect to learn:

  1. It is possible to create your ideal business lifestyle. You just need to take the first step.
  2. How people tick and how to enjoy better relationships with your team and your family.
  3. The inside story to leadership and how you can become a better leader and a better person.
  4. How your beliefs affect your results and how to change both.
  5. How having systems can free you up.

It’s obvious Shirley Dalton and her team know people. As an owner of a successful business and a manager of many relationships, having ‘That Conversation’ is critical. If you want to maximise your relationships then Shirley Dalton and her team are for you.

Philip Smith, Hunter Financial Planning

Thanks for a great session “Have That Conversation”.

One of the best tips I got from tonight was the formula to work out ‘whose problem it is’ and how to construct a message that is more assertive to get the result I want.

I would recommend Shirley to anyone who needs to be more assertive and get what they want.
Thanks Shirley.

Wayne Lennan, Insurance for Living

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