Freak Yourself Out (WT639)

Freak Yourself Out (WT639)


WT 639 Freak yourself out

This week I’ve been totally perturbated, causing me to procrastinate.

Another way of describing perturbation is to freak yourself out.

Perturbation occurs when you are challenged and feel uncomfortable just before a breakthrough. refers to perturbation as a “state of agitation”.

So what caused my freak out?

I decided to create a new online training program called The Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series, to support Seconds-in-Command to step up and create systems and processes in their businesses and/or departments.

No big deal.

I’m very comfortable “teaching”.

I’m very uncomfortable “selling”.

In the past, my “sales” webinars have ended up being “training” webinars, meaning attendees got enough training to feel confident that they could do it themselves and yet without the support and the in-depth training, I know they won’t be able to do it or will become too overwhelmed.

So this time I challenged myself to change my presentation and this freaked me out.

I’ve had to totally change my mindset. I’ve sought training and assistance from various people. I couldn’t do it alone.

One of my mentors helped me to see that consumers’ buying habits have changed. Before Covid, many were reluctant to buy online. Before Covid, most marketers thought they had to nurture their subscribers before offering them a solution to their problem.

According to my mentor, consumers want instant gratification. If they’ve got a problem, they want a solution and they want it now. They don’t want to be “nurtured”. They want their problem fixed.

That’s the mindset I’ve adopted. The seconds-in-command, the leaders, the managers who’ve registered for the webinar on how to create systems to save time and money have a problem and I have the solution that can help them, and they want it now. I am doing all of us a disservice if I don’t offer them the help, even though I’m as uncomfortable as hell in making the offer.

I’m sharing this with you because I want to encourage you, to freak yourself out. Get uncomfortable. Commit to doing something that will challenge you. Seek help and guidance. It’s the only way to grow.

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Time Log Insights (WT633)

Time Log Insights (WT633)


WT 633 Time Log Insights

Last week I mentioned I was completing a 14 day Time Log and this week I would share my insights.

Here’s what I discovered:

As I was printing and preparing for this week’s Leading Yourself and Leading Others Experience I could hear my colleagues saying “Shirl, that’s a job someone else could do” and I agree, it is a job someone else could do. In the process of thinking about delegating or paying OfficeWorks to do the printing, I became aware of 3 obstacles/challenges/limiting beliefs:

1. I would need to be more organised to hand over the tasks

2. I don’t give clear instructions because I generally have to instruct twice

3. In the past it hasn’t been done to my satisfaction so I have a belief that no-one will get it right.

It was interesting to me to see how much of my procrastination for delegation was actually bound to my limiting beliefs.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not strategy that we need to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be, it’s becoming aware of our limiting beliefs and changing them.

It was also interesting to me that I received feedback from my Executive Assistant and one of her colleagues, that I actually give good instructions.   They are very happy with the way I communicate and yet I had decided that I don’t communicate very well.   Moral of the story here for me, seek feedback rather than making an assumption or a decision, especially if it has the effect of limiting your results.

Also, in terms of number 1 above and being more organised, I’ve had to take a serious look at the benefit I get for wearing the badge that I’m a Last Minute Lucy.  Seriously, this kind of behaviour serves no-one, so I’ve decided not to say it anymore and to no longer allow myself the excuse or justification.

How about you?

What limiting beliefs are you carrying that stop you from being more efficient with your time and more productive?

What justifications and excuses are you using to let yourself off the hook?

It’s not that comfortable looking in the mirror and it certainly wasn’t comfortable analysing my time log, however I and my team will be much better for it.

How about you?   What time log insights do you have or imagine you could find?

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Push Push Push Rest Rest Rest (WT632)

Push Push Push Rest Rest Rest (WT632)


WT 632 Push push push Rest rest rest

Wowza, have the past two weeks been confronting for me.

I have been completing a time log for 10 out of 14 days.

The idea is to see where you are spending/investing/wasting your time in order to get more productive.

It’s not meant to be judgemental although I’ve gotten myself in such a tizzy judging my time entries.

I’ve also noticed the difference between the personality types as I’ve listened to some of my colleagues talking about productivity versus self-care.

My “Driver” colleagues go “push push push”. More productivity. More Tasks. Get more done. Pay someone to do a lesser costing job so you can do tasks that add more value.

My “Counsellor” colleagues say “rest rest rest”. Look after yourself. Be kind to yourself. Nurture yourself. You’ll burn out if you don’t.

In my opinion, both have merit.  We do need to “drive” ourselves and push to get things done and we also need to look after ourselves.

It’s been interesting for me to see my reaction when I log time with Ross to sit and talk (which happens to be my Love Language – Quality Time & Conversation) and enjoy dinner with him or sitting together on the lounge of an evening and the feelings of guilt, frustration and fear that surface, in anticipation that someone will analyse my time log and judge me to be wasting time.


I have identified some areas I could improve my productivity however the biggest aha for me has been the realisation that I am still fearful of other’s judgement (so I judge myself first).

How do you think you’d go if you committed to documenting your time from the time you wake to the time you go to sleep at 15 minute intervals for 2 solid weeks?

If you’re keen to do it, you can either record the times and the activities on paper or digital thingy or you can determine the categories and record the category entry in a spreadsheet that has 7 days of columns and 15 minute intervals for rows. 

My time log finishes on the weekend. I’ll let you know what further insights I have next week.  Let me know how you go if you decide to do it.

Where do you sit on the Push Push Push Rest Rest Rest continuum?

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It’s Not Happening To You (WT628)

It’s Not Happening To You (WT628)


WT 628 It's not happening to you

It’s 4:12am in the morning.

I got up especially early to attend an online training.

There was no email with the login details.

I checked last night and I double checked this morning.

That’s odd. They always send an email reminder.

I logged in to the training portal to get the link.

The training date is tomorrow.

Damn! I got up early just for this and it’s not on until tomorrow; that means I have to get up early again tomorrow.

Did they change the date?

I was sure I had it right.

I almost let myself go into the Primal state of psychological suffering.

I almost started to blame.

I almost started to get angry.

And I remembered, “Life is always working for us”, (even though at times it may not be to our preference).

Life happens for us, not to us.

So I changed my mindset.

How is this working for me?

It gave me the time to watch the training that I missed last week (because I slept in and forgot about it) and get caught up before tomorrow’s scheduled training.

It also gave me the topic for this week’s thought and it gave me the opportunity to remind you that Life is always working for us. Life happens for us, not to us.

We can change our mindset in a nanosecond. We can stop the suffering.

It’s a decision you make as to how you deal with the things that happen in your life.

Choose to see that it’s not happening to you. Life is happening for you.

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You Can Convince Yourself (WT627)

You Can Convince Yourself (WT627)


WT 627 You can convince yourself

This week we exchanged contracts on a house.

We’d been looking for a while and were initially looking for something to renovate as well as develop in a few years.

We hadn’t found anything that met our initial criteria, so we decided to change the criteria.

Within a few weeks, we found a number of properties which met the new criteria.

One property was a fully renovated property although the rooms were small.

Another property had an extra bedroom and bathroom and a better outlook, however it needed a complete renovation.

We were serious about purchasing the first property which was going to auction. Whilst the rooms were small we convinced ourselves it suited us. After all it was fully renovated and there was nothing to do but move in.

When we found the second property, we started to convince ourselves that the first property wasn’t suitable. “The rooms are small. The renovations cover up a lot things and we don’t know what’s under the renovations. The building inspection said there was rising damp in the rooms downstairs and on and on we went.”

Similarly with the second property, we convinced ourselves in favour of the renovations. “We can do what we want with the property. We have a clean slate to work with. The outlook is amazing, we can see the water. It’s on the high side of the street which is what we want.”

Or we could convince ourselves not to buy it. “The driveway is really steep. There’s a lot of work to do and it’s going to cost a lot of money. Trades are hard to get and building prices have gone up so much.”

Here’s my point – You can convince yourself of anything.  We look for the evidence to support what we are thinking.

Michael Singer describes this beautifully in his book, “The Untethered Soul”. He demonstrates how we argue with ourselves (not others) and we convince ourselves for and against decisions we need to make, judgements about people, you name it. We convince ourselves.

Here’s your activity for this week. Take notice of how often you argue with yourself. Take notice of the debates you have when making a decision or passing judgement on a colleague, customer or family member.

In reality nothing external is changing. It’s all in our heads. We waste precious time and energy arguing with ourselves and convincing ourselves only to change our minds again and again.

Let me know what you find. See if you can convince me too.

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Tell Me What You Don’t Want (WT626)

Tell Me What You Don’t Want (WT626)


WT 626 Tell me what you don't want

If I asked you what you want, could you tell me?

Could you tell me in great detail or would you be vague?

Would you say something like, “I don’t really know”?

Or would you start to tell me what you don’t want?

This is very common. Most people cannot say exactly what they want however most can say what they don’t want. It makes it hard for people to give you want you want or help you get what you want, if:

  1. You don’t really know, or
  2. You can’t articulate it clearly.

So here’s a little exercise you can do, for yourself and/or with others:

  1. Take out a piece of paper or ipad or something to write on.
  2. Have a pen or texta or electronic writing thingame…
  3. Turn your page to landscape.
  4. Draw 3 columns.
  5. In the first column heading write the words “Don’t Want”.
  6. In the second/middle column, write the words “Why not?”
  7. Go to the first column.
  8. List all the things you don’t want, e.g. I don’t want to start work at 6:30am.
  9. Go to the second column.
  10. List the reasons “why not”, e.g. I want to do yoga, meditation, tapping, journaling etc. before I go to work.
  11. Now for the third column heading, write the words “Do Want”.
  12. Look at your list in column 2 and use that to help you get clear about what you do want, e.g. I want to start work at 10:30am so I can get up each morning and do my yoga, meditation, tapping and journaling.

Using the above example, without this exercise, you may have had difficulty saying you want to start work at 10:30am because:

  1. You might feel judged by others for saying so
  2. You might know you want to start at that time and yet not have been clear on exactly why
  3. You just may not have known that the later starting time was important to you, until you discovered the reasons for what you don’t want.

Give it a go.

Tell me what you don’t want and see if that helps you discover what you do want.

Remember, that’s my mission in life – to inspire, educate and support you to be, do, have and feel what you want.

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