WT 689 How quick can you manifest

When we talk about manifesting, what thoughts come to mind for you?

For many of us, it’s the attainment of something we have been wanting.

Whether we’ve consciously worked to create our desire, as in visualising, reciting affirmations, journaling etc. or unconsciously, where we’ve simply decided we want something and then seemingly magically it appears, according to Abraham Hicks, “Manifestation represents what you’re doing vibrationally”.

In other words, you attract what is a match for your current vibration.

Abraham says, “Manifestations are ideas. Thoughts are manifestations. When you’re thinking of something, it’s a thought that’s manifested. You have to be in the vibrational vicinity of it before it can occur and if you’re in the vibrational vicinity when it does occur, it just feels logical.”

Recently I wrote out my affirmation statement of how I want to enjoy my day. For me, the idea of being able to walk along the beach each morning and afternoon is really appealing. I love walking along the water’s edge with the waves lapping at my feet.

To my surprise and delight, it only took a few weeks and that was exactly what I was doing.

Ross and I enjoyed a fabulous weekend at Seal Rocks having hired a friend’s motorhome. Each morning and afternoon we walked along Number 1 Beach, relaxing and soaking in the beautiful sunshine, with the water tickling our toes.

What is it you want to manifest?

What are your desires?

If it’s not happening, maybe it’s time to take a look at where you are vibrationally so you can ensure you’re a match for what you want.

The sooner you match your vibration, the sooner you’ll manifest your desires.

Here’s the link to Abraham Hicks for their thoughts and definition of manifestation. https://youtu.be/m1yF4Gb_Eb0

May you enjoy everything you want and then some, in quick time.

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