WT 686 I won't bother

How many times have you said or heard, “I won’t bother”?

The reason I’m mentioning it this week is because I’m thrilled to announce that I have recorded an audio version of my book, “The Loyal Lieutenant: How The Second-in-Command Brings The CEO’s Vision To Life” and 10 lucky readers will receive complimentary access to listen to the book rather than read it.

Thanks to Lee Woodward for his skill, advice, mentoring and support, we now have an audio version.

When we celebrated 13 years of Weekly Thoughts a few months ago, I gave away a complimentary enrolment to The Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series (which retails for $1997 and which starts on Tuesday 5th September) and received just one reply, so of course, that one reply became the lucky winner.

I was surprised.

It made me wonder whether you have some Limiting Beliefs or are engaging in Automatic Listening, deciding that you won’t win and therefore not bothering to simply hit Reply with a “Yes Please” message.

Or perhaps your narrative goes something like, “Shirley knows me, so she wouldn’t give it to me”.

Remember, our beliefs dictate our destiny, so now might be a good time to reflect on what’s going through you mind at any given time.

There’s a great story about a man who got bogged in snow in a rural area at night. He got out of his car to get a shovel from his boot, only to find he didn’t have a shovel.

Looking around, he could see a light in the far distance. He decided to walk towards the light and see if he could borrow a shovel.

As he walked towards the light he started thinking. “Oh, it’s probably dinner time. I’ll be interrupting. They might be scared by a stranger and shoot me. There might be dogs on the property that will chase me. They mightn’t even have a shovel. They might not want to lend me their shovel.”

As he walked and walked and walked, his internal chatter got more and more negative, until he finally reached the steps of the house with the light.

He walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

A man opened the door.

Before the man could say anything, the stranded motorist looked at him, shook his head and in response to his own negative self talk, answered, “You can shove your shovel up your ……. I didn’t want it anyway” and with that turned and walked off.

Don’t let this offer be an opportunity for you to engage in negative self talk, limiting beliefs or automatic listening.

If you’d like to receive access to the audio version of the book, please click Reply and type “Yes Please”. You never know, the outcome might surprise you. It might actually be more positive than you think or expect.

So, don’t think, just do.

P.S. Our next Loyal Lieutenant masterclass series starts Tuesday September 5th.  Check it out here https://shirleydaltoncourse.com/webinar

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