It’s Hard To Visualise (WT729)

It’s Hard To Visualise (WT729)


WT 729 It's hard to visualise

We know how powerful visualisation can be.

Remember the Harvard study of the piano players where researchers tested 3 groups:

  1. Piano players physically playing the piano over 5 days
  2. Piano players not playing but visualising playing the piano over 5 days
  3. Control group who had nothing to do with piano playing.

The brain scans for the piano players were very similar, despite the second group not playing.

This supports the idea that our brains don’t know the difference between what we might call reality (in the physical) and imagination.

If we want to create a different outcome, we can use our imagination to bring it into the physical, except when we’re in what David Bayer calls, The Primal State.

Our primal state is the state of survival. It’s fight, flight or freeze.

It’s hard to visualise when we are in that state.

If we’re worried about our health or finances or relationships or work, it’s challenging to go from being worried, even despairing to feeling joy and bliss and hope.

And yet that’s exactly the state we need to be in to visualise and manifest.

So, what to do?

Every day, your job is to get yourself in The Powerful State.   The Powerful State, according to Bayer, is the state of rest and relaxation. It matches our parasympathetic nervous system for being calm and creative.

The way to do that is to do something you enjoy.

It’s a way of increasing your vibration and when you increase your vibration you have a better chance of attracting what you want.

What are some things you like to do?

What are some things you enjoy?

Do that!

For me, I love walking along the beach. I love looking out the window, sitting in my recliner with a hot cup of tea, letting the thoughts come and go. I love reading. I love learning. I love watching dogs play.

What do you love?

If you’re finding it hard to visualise, how about taking some time to get yourself out of the Primal and into the Powerful state.

Do something you love. Raise your vibration.

When you do, you’ll find it much easier to visualise and to feel the feelings of having the things you want.

I’m curious, what works for you and what do you want?

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The Trick Is Not To Resist (WT708)

The Trick Is Not To Resist (WT708)


WT708 The Trick Is Not To Resist

OMG! I’m SUPER excited.

I got up early this week to join a webinar training with David and Carol Bayer talking about Imagination, Visualisation and Actualisation (IVA).

I want to share the most important point I took away from the training, “the trick is not to resist”.

What this means, is that when we are imagining and visualising the things we want, in what David and Carol refer to as the 4th dimension, we often start comparing that to our current 3rd dimension reality of the 5-senses and therefore we start “resisting” what we want to manifest.

Resistance can take the form of “control”.  We can’t see “how” it can happen, so we don’t believe or have faith and therefore we actively work against ourselves and stop it from actualising.

Another form of resistance comes in our feelings of not being worthy or deserving. As David says, “everyone has the right to imagine” and Carol says, “there are no rules in the 4th dimension”, so our lack of self worth actually prevents us from creating what we want.

Today’s message was a powerful one for me and I trust it will be for you too.

Carol gave examples of people whose “situations” included being homeless for a period of time but that didn’t stop them from creating what they wanted.  If you’re current situation doesn’t match what you desire, no problem. Simply say to yourself and anyone who asks what you are doing, “I’m in the process of building my ……….”(fill in the blank for whatever it is you want).

For example, Jennifer Lopez slept on the couch in her studio after leaving home because she didn’t want to go to college. She wanted to be a dancer. Paul Mitchell was homeless while he was building his shampoo business (in his mind) until the 4th dimension rearranged things for him to string things together and manifest.

It’s one thing to imagine and visualise and feel what you want to create, the trick is not to resist what you are creating.

As Carol and David say, we are constantly creating because we are constantly thinking, speaking, feeling and imagining.  Most of us however, are usually imagining the things we don’t want or speaking about the things we don’t want and therefore that’s exactly what we create.

It’s time to understand how the world works. It’s time to understand how our bodies and minds work and how we are vibrational beings.

The trick is not to resist.

Goosebumps.  How about you?

What are you currently building? What are you currently working on?

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The Rider and The Elephant (WT706)

The Rider and The Elephant (WT706)


WT 706 The Rider and the Elephant

It’s the start of a new year and most of us find ourselves looking forward to a bright sunny year ahead.

Consciously we set intentions or goals for the year ahead and for many of us, soon become disappointed as the year progresses and we have not achieved what we wanted and we give up.

For some, they know this is going to happen so they go straight past the disappointment stage and refuse to set goals, a.k.a. “new year’s resolutions”.

So what does “the rider and the elephant” have to do with setting goals?

As it turns out, everything.

The rider and the elephant is a metaphor used in the book, “Switch” by Dan and Chip Heath. It’s an amazing book that explains the obstacles to and strategies for change.

Imagine a rider sitting on top of the elephant.  The rider guides the elephant in the direction he or she wants to go. Everything goes smoothly, as long as that is the direction the elephant wants to go. If not, the rider does not have enough strength to overpower the elephant and is at the mercy of the elephant.

In their book, Dan and Chip explain that the rider is our willpower and the elephant our emotions/motivation and I’m suggesting, also our unconscious mind.

This helps to explain how come we consciously set goals and yet fail to achieve them. The reason is because our unconscious mind is not in alignment with the goal.

This is really tricky, because by its very nature, unconscious means just that. We are not conscious of what’s going on inside and as Silva Method Facilitator, Jeanine Sciacca says, “our brains are self-correcting machines”.

As an example, say you want to double your current salary. You set the goal. You devise a plan. You start to take action. Your income hasn’t increased. You get discouraged. The reason is because your unconscious wants to keep you safe and protected at your current salary. It self corrects.

In other words, for things to change, they must change in your unconscious first. You must be able to see, hear, feel and act as if the change has already occurred. Personal development guru, Jim Rohn used to say, you need to “become” the type of person that has what you want. He is often quoted as saying, “If someone hands you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire”.

You might have heard, “fake it til you make it” or for children, “play make believe”.

This is exactly what we need to do if we want to achieve what we consciously desire. And just to ram it home, David Bayer explains that most of us think we need a strategy to achieve our goals, but if our beliefs are not in alignment with our goals, we won’t execute properly on the strategy.

If there is something you want to achieve this year, please invest some time to check in with your unconscious and start “acting as if”, so you can rewire your brain so that it is in alignment with what you want.

Another Year – It’s a Wrap (WT705)

Another Year – It’s a Wrap (WT705)


WT 705 Another Year - It's a Wrap

Well, here we are again at the end of another year.

As we look back over the year, I encourage you to focus on the good and positive and be grateful for all that 2023 brought you.

Even the things that were not to your preference.

As David Bayer says, “Life is always working for us, even if at times, it is not to our preference”.

When I think about this mantra, I’m reminded that the Universe or God or Infinite Intelligence (whatever name you prefer) is working tirelessly to bring us what we want. 

From our perspective here on earth, we can’t see all the moving parts that have to be organised in order for us to get what we want.

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, I sternly reminded Mary (not her real name) to “shut up and let the universe do its job”.

Mary is a great student who actions the feedback. She’s not one to blame or argue, rather she acknowledges her role in co-creating what happens in her life and within a few weeks she rang me to tell me all her good news and how the Universe had delivered.

Remember, our job is to know the what and the why and take inspired action. Our job is not to know the how.

We simply can’t know all the moving parts, let alone control them, so as Esther Hicks says, “Hand it over to the General Manager”.

If you’re up for another great read along these lines and looking to increase your prosperity in 2024, then I highly recommend “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity” by Edwene Gaines or even better, it’s a great listen on Audible or other similar program.

As you close 2023 and look to 2024, invest some time to write down what you want for 2024 and then close your eyes and imagine receiving what you want. As you close your eyes, feel what you’ll feel when you have it. Hear what you’ll hear when you have it as well as see it.

The quickest way to bring what you want is to feel as if you already have it (because you do) and be grateful for the gift that’s on its way.

Let me know what’s on your bucket list and let’s cross them off at the end of 2024.

As an example, Ross and I have booked a trip to South Africa in April 2024. So far I’ve registered for a 4 day course and booked the airfare.  I can’t wait to see how the Universe delivers an amazing trip for us as we cross off our bucket list item to visit a game park and see the animals up close.

Thanks so much for being part of my community this year. I look forward to continuing the journey with you in 2024.

Happy new year!

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Just Because You’re Thinking It (WT693)

Just Because You’re Thinking It (WT693)


WT 693 Just because you're thinking it

This morning I awoke in a mood. A bad one.

“Don’t talk to me, I’m in a mood”, I snapped at Ross.

“I can see that”, he said.

We were about to sit down and do our “levels”. This is the term the Silva Method use for relaxing and visualising and manifesting.

“I can’t do it. I’m going into the bedroom and do some tapping.” With that I turned, picked up my phone and headed to the room.

I know, and I trust you do by now as well, that nothing good comes from being in that state.

I know that I have to get myself out of what David Bayer calls the Primal State and into the Powerful State.

The Primal State is the state of “fight or flight”. The Powerful State is a state of being relaxed, calm, peaceful and creative.

We can’t solve problems when we’re stressed and anxious and in a negative frame of mind.

I opened up The Tapping Solution app on my phone and chose a tapping meditation to listen to.

As I tapped along, following the instructions, Jessica Ortner said something that totally resonated with me. She said, “You don’t have to believe everything you think.”

Yes. Just because you’re thinking it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

In fact, how often do we create scenarios in our head and play out conversations where we’re imagining the worst or having stern words with someone who has upset us.

If we go deeper, in the 5 Primary Drivers by David Bayer, our thoughts come from our beliefs and can only ever be in alignment with our beliefs. Another “aha” for me.

Of course. If my thoughts are coming from my beliefs and my beliefs are limiting me and as David says, “If they don’t feel good, then they aren’t true”, here was another way of saying the same thing.

Just because you’re thinking it, doesn’t mean it’s true and you don’t have to agree with it.




I trust this resonates with you too and that it will help when you next find yourself in a Primal State, thinking things that aren’t true. Simply say to yourself, I don’t agree. I don’t have to believe everything I’m thinking, then start thinking about something that you do agree with and that you do want.

Move yourself out of the Primal and into the Powerful State – quickly.

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