WT708 The Trick Is Not To Resist

OMG! I’m SUPER excited.

I got up early this week to join a webinar training with David and Carol Bayer talking about Imagination, Visualisation and Actualisation (IVA).

I want to share the most important point I took away from the training, “the trick is not to resist”.

What this means, is that when we are imagining and visualising the things we want, in what David and Carol refer to as the 4th dimension, we often start comparing that to our current 3rd dimension reality of the 5-senses and therefore we start “resisting” what we want to manifest.

Resistance can take the form of “control”.  We can’t see “how” it can happen, so we don’t believe or have faith and therefore we actively work against ourselves and stop it from actualising.

Another form of resistance comes in our feelings of not being worthy or deserving. As David says, “everyone has the right to imagine” and Carol says, “there are no rules in the 4th dimension”, so our lack of self worth actually prevents us from creating what we want.

Today’s message was a powerful one for me and I trust it will be for you too.

Carol gave examples of people whose “situations” included being homeless for a period of time but that didn’t stop them from creating what they wanted.  If you’re current situation doesn’t match what you desire, no problem. Simply say to yourself and anyone who asks what you are doing, “I’m in the process of building my ……….”(fill in the blank for whatever it is you want).

For example, Jennifer Lopez slept on the couch in her studio after leaving home because she didn’t want to go to college. She wanted to be a dancer. Paul Mitchell was homeless while he was building his shampoo business (in his mind) until the 4th dimension rearranged things for him to string things together and manifest.

It’s one thing to imagine and visualise and feel what you want to create, the trick is not to resist what you are creating.

As Carol and David say, we are constantly creating because we are constantly thinking, speaking, feeling and imagining.  Most of us however, are usually imagining the things we don’t want or speaking about the things we don’t want and therefore that’s exactly what we create.

It’s time to understand how the world works. It’s time to understand how our bodies and minds work and how we are vibrational beings.

The trick is not to resist.

Goosebumps.  How about you?

What are you currently building? What are you currently working on?

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