A New Way to Look at Goal Setting (WT440)

A New Way to Look at Goal Setting (WT440)


WT 440 A new way to look at Goal setting

Do you find that you set a goal and then seem to procrastinate on taking the action to actually achieve the goal? 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when setting goals because you think you have to set 3 goals for every area of your life and then find you’ve got 15-21 goals in front of you? 

And remember the SMART acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timeframe? 

I do. 

This week I learned a new technique from Coach Mary Ayers and I thought I’d share it with you. 

Mary came up with an acronym for GOALS: 






If you’re like me, when I set a goal, I often go to my head and “try” to work out “how” it’s going to happen.  Mary’s way is much easier and much more fun. 

Think about how you feel when you love someone or something? 

Don’t you want to spend time with that special person or doing the thing you love? 

Katrina, my hair stylist has recently fallen in love with bare foot skiing. She can’t get enough of it. Her goal is to qualify for the nationals in early 2019.  

Because she loves it, she doesn’t complain about getting up at 5:00am to practice. She doesn’t complain about the bruises on her body from all the stacks. 

She’s doing what she loves. 

Think about yourself, when you love something you can’t wait to spend time doing it. It makes you feel good. Now compare this to the traditional way of setting goals and ask yourself whether the goals make you feel good. Here’s the “aha” for me; we don’t like doing things that don’t make us feel good, ie. for me, that means procrastination and no action, means no achievement. 

According to Mary, if you Go Out and Love Something, you will want to do it and of course the measurement or achievement of the goal comes from the action. 

Think about someone you love. On some level, you’ll be asking yourself, “How can I express my love?” Mary gives the example of taking someone out for a special evening. To do this, you have to decide where to go, what time, make a reservation, determine how you will get there and get home. These are all action steps you need to take to achieve the goal and here’s the magic, when you love something, you enjoy and often get excited about taking the action – it’s not a chore and it doesn’t make you feel bad. 

This week I’m looking at my goals and culling them down to just two and then I’m going to reassess the action steps I can take to achieve them and make sure that these steps are things I love to do. 

How about you?  Do you love your current goals? Are you happily taking action? If not, how about resetting them so you can Go Out And Love Something.

How Do You Catch a Monkey? (WT438)

How Do You Catch a Monkey? (WT438)


WT 438 How do you catch a Monkey

Working with another of my fabulous clients this week, Mark reminded me of the story of catching monkeys. Thanks Mark.

How do you catch a monkey? 

There are many variations and the theme is similar.

Here are two methods: 

  1. Drill a hole in a coconut large enough for monkeys to put their hand in, but not big enough to allow the hand out, once it has been made into a fist. Empty the coconut of the flesh and juice, etc. and place some fruit in it. Leave the coconut and wait for the monkey to grab for the fruit.
  1. Drill a hole in the side of a dirt mound. This can be done in full view of curious baboons. Again, the hole is big enough for the open hand to go in, but not big enough to allow the fist out. Place some sweet seeds, etc. in the hole. Wait for the baboon to go to the hole.

In both cases, the monkey and baboon will reach for the treat and grab it with their hand, making a fist. Here’s the interesting thing; even when faced with being caught and potentially losing their lives, they WILL NOT LET GO of the prize.

To secure freedom, all they have to do is let go.

Now what’s this got to do with you?

Is there something you’re not letting go of at the moment?

Perhaps you’re hanging on to some limiting beliefs. Perhaps it’s a relationship or an idea about a relationship or business or product. Maybe you need to forgive someone to let go of your anger.

If you think about it, you’ll probably find that there is something that you are holding onto that is stopping you from moving forward. All you need to do is to Let it Go.

For me, it was being attached to how I earned my income. Countless possibilities presented themselves and yet, I wouldn’t consider them because they didn’t fit my idea of how I thought it should be.

You know I take my own medicine, so I let go of some of my limiting beliefs and a heap of opportunities opened up.

How about you? What are you holding onto that is stopping you from having what you want?

Can you allow yourself to let go and stop acting like a monkey?

Your People are Looking For Leadership (WT437)

Your People are Looking For Leadership (WT437)


WT 437 Your people are looking for leadership

Remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned I would ask for your opinion on leadership and management; well today is the day.

You can answer even if you don’t currently lead a team. Here’s the link for you to answer:  https://go.bucketforms.com/ds/23ea6bfb

“When it comes to leading and managing your team at work, what’s the single biggest challenge or frustration you’ve been struggling with? (Please be as detailed and specific as you can.)

Here’s why your people are looking for leadership:

“Leadership” is one of those words that many people find difficult to define. We all have our own perception and understanding of what it means to be a leader and to be led. Sadly, many of us have experienced poor role models and as a result, we perpetuate the problem because we don’t know any different. 

Leadership guru, John Maxwell, defines leadership as “becoming the type of person others trust to take them where they want to go”. Great leaders connect with their followers because the followers trust them. They trust the leader to look out for them and in return they are loyal and will do what’s necessary to get the job done. 

How do you become this type of person? Firstly, by knowing yourself and your people and secondly by learning skills such as; The Language of Leadership, The Art of Delegation, Giving Meaningful Feedback, Listening and Coaching and Mentoring. 

Good leaders connect emotionally and focus on doing the right things, whereas good managers focus on getting the tasks done and doing things right. There is a big difference between leadership and management and they are not mutually exclusive. 

Leadership and personal and professional development are topics I am extremely passionate about. The Return on Investment (ROI) for people who have the courage to look at themselves and how they show up in the world and how this affects their people is profound. Benefits include greater productivity, increased profitability, more harmony at work and at home, less complaints and conflict, better relationships, improved confidence and less stress.  

I’d love to know what your specific challenges are around leading and managing your teams at work. Please click on the link below to answer the question and I’ll share my findings with you when I have analysed them, in addition to sending you my Top 10 Leadership Skills series. 

Here’s the question again: “When it comes to leading and managing your team at work, what’s the single biggest challenge or frustration you’ve been struggling with?” Please be as detailed and specific as you can. Click on the link to answer.


You Have to See the Dirt (WT436)

You Have to See the Dirt (WT436)


WT 436 You have to see the Dirt

This week, I was watching an interview between Louise Hay, Founder of Hay House and absolute guru in the self-help and healing sector and Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution.

“Tapping” is used to refer to Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. It’s an ancient healing modality that uses the meridians of the body in conjunction with the amygdala in our brain. The amygdala is the part of the brain associated with fight, flight and freeze. 

The idea of tapping on the meridians with your fingertips whilst acknowledging what’s not working has been scientifically proven to help people release past unconscious memories and help them to move forward. 

Nick asked Louise what she thought about people who believed you shouldn’t acknowledge the negative things in your life when tapping.

Louise responded, “You have to see the dirt before you can clean it. If you want to clean an oven, you have to see how dirty it is.” 

This resonated with me because much of the recent self-help literature focuses on the Law of Attraction and only thinking good thoughts. 

Whilst I agree with thinking and speaking about the story we want to create, Louise’s comment also rang true for me, especially when I think of the work I do coaching clients and facilitating my Leading Yourself and Leading Others program.

We have to become self-aware before we can choose to change anything. Sometimes this awareness comes in the form of feedback from others. 

My message to you this week is to encourage you to be open to looking at the dirt in your life. Look at what’s not working and accept it. Take a really good look so you know and understand the extent of the job you have before you and then, if you choose, clean it up.

See It When You Believe It (WT435)

See It When You Believe It (WT435)


WT 435 See it when you believe it

Often when I am coaching with clients and sharing something I’ve learned or asking them a question to help them reflect on what’s going on for them, a little voice will speak to me inside my head.

It asks me, “Are you listening to this?”

They say (whomever “they” are), “We teach what we need to learn”.

If that’s true, I need to learn a heck of a lot.

Today’s thought is no exception.

I am the one who needs to hear this message the most.

I remember years ago, Wayne Dyer wrote a book called, “You’ll See it When You Believe It”. At the time it was a ground breaking book.

Most people wanted to correct the title, thinking it was a typo.

Turns out Dyer was correct. He was referring to manifestation; The Law of Attraction and any other words you want to use to describe our ability to create what we desire.

Now that sounds easy and this is what I’ve been struggling with for the past few months and why I need to write this thought for myself.

I’ve had difficulty believing that I can create what I want. I seem to have lost my way; lost my faith and I know that having faith is the most important thing I need. I often encourage my clients by reminding them, “It’s not our job to know the how, only to know the what and why”.

Lately I’ve been doubting. I’ve been wanting to control things.

I haven’t been able to see “how” things are going to work out the way I want them to.

I’ve been relapsing into my old pattern of wanting to control everything.

Today’s thought is a wake-up call and reminder; I’ll see it when I believe it.

So I made myself a list of just some of the techniques I know and use to restore my faith and get me back on track to believing in myself and the power of “The Great Something” as Dr Joe Vitale refers to God, the Universe, etc.

The point for today is this, “You’ll see it when you believe it”, so do what you can to believe it.

Here’s my list. Contact me if you’d like to know more about any or all of the below:

  1. Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  1. Ho’oponopono
  1. Decision Matrix
  1. Visualisation
  1. Affirmations
  1. Afformations
  1. Meditation
  1. The One Command

Just quickly, I’ll share The One Command by Asara Lovejoy. Asara found herself in a similar situation, not believing and not manifesting, so she asked for guidance from spirit and received “The One Command”. In a nutshell (and there are a few steps to getting to this point), you simply take the pressure off from having to know the “How”, by commanding and visualising, “I don’t know how… (fill in the blank with what you want). All I know is… (I am now or I have now) and I am fulfilled.”

I love this strategy because it releases the pressure of having to know the “How” and restores faith in The Great Something.

Thanks for listening. I needed this little pep talk.

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