WT498 Become resolute

It’s the start of a new year.

Do you make new year’s resolutions?

I gave up on them years ago because I found myself disappointed at the start of the next year when I reflected back and observed that I hadn’t achieved my new year’s resolutions.

But that all changed a few days ago when I discovered the way David Bayer looks at setting new year’s resolutions. 

If we look at the language, we are looking to “resolve” the year that passed; to become resolute about the coming year. 

Here’s the exciting part. What we know from David’s teachings is that the brain is a goal achieving machine, however, it is going to find and stack the evidence for whatever decisions we’ve made about life.   

The key word here is “about”.  It’s the beliefs or decisions we’ve made about ourselves and our lives that determine our decisions “to do”. 

Instead of making new year’s resolutions about things to do, let’s look at making decisions about. For example, “This year I resolve to love myself more and release myself from the fear of financial insecurity.” 

If I work on that, my chances of achieving goals like releasing 10kg and becoming engaged as one of David’s Coaches will happen because I will be changing my limiting beliefs and hacking my brain. 

It’s our limiting beliefs that sabotage us and when you understand this, it’s easy, with the tools we have, to create new beliefs and achieve what you want in life. 

So, what will 2020 be like for you. Will you become resolute? Will you do the work to change your Limiting Beliefs and focus on the decisions you’ve made ABOUT life instead of decisions TO DO?

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