Learn It With a Story (WT424)

Learn It With a Story (WT424)


WT 424 Learn it with a story

A friend of mine, Janet, recently enrolled in a program with Jim Kwik to enhance memory and learning strategies. Part of her homework was to teach someone what she was learning. Of course I was a willing participant, both from a learning perspective and also to support her and be her Accountability Buddy.

Since I too am required to share, I thought it would be a good topic this week. 

Here’s a little story I made up. Read the story and I’ll explain what it really means. 

“The SALT got poured over the chocolate coated MAGNUM icecream and fell into the TIN FOIL that was buried in the SAND. At night the glow worms glowed PHOSPHORESCENT YELLOW and stunk like BLEACH, which made us all go “ARRGGGHGHHHH”, until Peter came along with POTATO chips and chocolate MILK which was good for our bones. 


These words relate to the elements in the Periodic Table numbered 11-20. 

The trick with memory according to Jim and Janet is to make it relevant to something you know so you can remember it easily and to make up a story.

Salt – Sodium, Magnum – Magnesium, Tin Foil – Aluminium, Sand – Silicon, Phosphorescent – Phosphorus, Yellow – Sulfur, Bleach – Chlorine, Arrggghghhgh – Argon, Potato – Potassium, Milk – Calcium.

You could make up any story. Janet’s story was quite different to mine because she has different triggers.

It’s a cool little tip if you have to remember steps in a process or a list of items or even names. I’m still working on it for bigger chunks of information. I’m keen to learn so I can pass this to participants in my leadership program when they have to recite a very special poem.

Your homework this week is to give it a go. See if you can make up a story to remember the first 10 elements: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon. As a hint, your story could include balloons and batteries or trees or diamonds.

See how you go.

What Do You Need to Measure? (WT423)

What Do You Need to Measure? (WT423)


WT 423 What do you need to measure?

You’ve heard the saying, “What gets measured, gets managed”. 

I confess I didn’t quite understand the impact of this statement until recently. 

I set myself a goal of doing exercise at least 4 times each week. 

Of course I never feel like doing exercise; it’s very easy for me to make something else more important. Consequently I wasn’t meeting my goal. 

I decided to use the calendar on the wall and simply place a “tick” on the days I did exercise. 

It soon became very obvious how many days I was wimping out. 

Being able to see the ticks (or lack of) actually started to motivate me and soon it became a game between Ross and me, as to which one of us got to place the tick on the calendar. 

Last month I met my goal and exercised 4 times every week, even 5 times on some weeks. 

I was astounded at how simple this was. 

I have now added a few more things to the calendar to remind me to do them. 

How about you? 

What do you need to measure? 

What’s your system and if you need to, who can you ask to hold you accountable?

You Must Write it Down (WT420)

You Must Write it Down (WT420)


WT 420 You have to write it down

 According to Brian Tracy, the best research shows that, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent review and rewrite their goals on a daily basis. If we use these statistics as a generalisation, it shows that very few people write down their goals. 

Now I am not about to tell you to create sophisticated goals or spreadsheets or budgets; it’s not my thing. What I will say though is you have to write it down. If you want something, you have to write it down somewhere.  Somewhere being the important point. 

One of my fabulous clients shared with me how he had set his intention for a monthly income of a minimum amount of $6,600 AUD. He documented this in an informal agreement with his partner and within a month or so he rang to tell me that he had been offered an opportunity that would pay him a monthly retainer of $5,000 USD. When he did the sums he laughed out loud because the currency exchange was about $6,600 AUD. 

On 12 December 2017, I wrote two cheques to myself and placed them on the bathroom mirror. One cheque was for $10,000 for a VIP consultation in the Bahamas. You know I recently went to the Bahamas. What you may not know is that I won the consultation and so I now have a big pink tick and the word “Done”, written across the cheque.  

During the last couple of days I have been reciting an affirmation that says, “I allow the universe in and my ego out.” I have been very focussed on being open to messages from the universe. I wrote this affirmation once, as it came to me. This morning I picked a card from Deepak Chopra’s Success Cards and it read, “My objective is not to get rid of the ego, simply to be aware of how it leads me and where.” On the front, the abbreviated affirmation read, “I am aware of my ego.” I laughed loudly when I read this.  The universe does indeed have a sense of humour.  

To top it off, we phoned the US tax department today to enquire about the progress of a tax refund we’ve been waiting on for a year. The lady informed us it had been posted on 22nd June and no surprise, there it was at the Post Office today. 

My point. You don’t have to write it a thousand times, although that can help. You don’t have to write it neatly. As long as you know what you want, you must write it down. You can even type it once into your Notes on your phone. There is something magical and tangible about the energy and vibration of writing things down. 

I forget where I learned this, but the energy and vibration increases from thought to spoken word to written word and of course to taking inspired action. 

What is it you want? 

Have you written it down or are you in the bucket with the 97% who have not?

We Do Without Doing (WT419)

We Do Without Doing (WT419)


WT 419 We Do without doing

This week’s thought is short and sharp and maybe a little challenging. 

Every now and then I feel the need to consult an oracle and since I am not a member of a particular church, I use various affirmation cards and The Book of Runes.

This week, I selected a rune and read the message. It seemed fairly apt for where I was at, however the last sentence really resonated with me, “We do without doing and everything gets done.”  

I sat on the bed to digest this. 

In my heart, I know this to be true. In my head, I want to control things and know HOW things are going to work out. 

The rune and this week’s message is about faith, hope, intuition and trust. 

So many people I have spoken to this week are in pain. They are desperate to know the outcome. They are in a hurry to get “there” and yet we know that the universe or God always comes through although not always in the way we expect.  

So why do we get so caught up in having to know HOW things are going to happen? 

And whilst we’re on this theme, I’ve been reminded this week to come back to doing the things I love to do.  

According to Katie Ryan, the Divine Detective, there is a difference between what we like to do and what we love to do and she challenged me this week to only do what I love to do and if I couldn’t avoid something I didn’t love, then to find something about it that I did love.

All week I’ve been asking myself, “Do I love it?” 

If the answer is “No”, I allow myself to not do it, (if I don’t have to). If I do have to do it, like reconcile my accounts, I focus on what I do love about doing that; the feeling of having everything balanced and knowing exactly where things are at.

This week, I encourage you to pay attention to what you love doing and focus on that and let the universe or God take care of it for you.

As the message from the rune says, “We do without doing and everything gets done.”

My Money Supports the Web of Life (WT412)

My Money Supports the Web of Life (WT412)


WT 412 My money supports the web of life

Tomorrow I am heading to the Grand Bahama – one of 700 islands in the Bahamas. 

“Cool. Sweet. Awesome”, you might say. 

And yes it is all those things and more and I’m only going because I was fortunate enough to win a magical consultation with 2 world class marketing consultants. 

How did I do that? 

Simple – I played the game. 

I submitted a video. I did my homework and I put my hand up and showed up. 

And what has this got to do with this week’s thought on money? 

Before the competition, a trip to the Bahamas had not been added to my budget, so whilst I won the consultation, I still have to fund my airfare and accommodation, etc. 

Looking for inspiration this morning for the Weekly Thought, I picked out a card from Deepak Chopras’ Success Cards, “My Money Supports the Web of Life”.  The picture on the card was of 7 fish in a circle, facing inward. 

The back of the card read, “When I use my money to nourish the web of life, I create true happiness and fulfilment. I am successful.” 

This was one message I needed to hear as I juggled the accounts to make this happen.

Life is a series of priorities and choices.  

I remember a talk by Dr. John DeMartini, in Sydney years ago, where he explained how much our values determine what we do with our time and money. He gave the example of inviting his girlfriend to a science lecture on a particular day. She agreed to go, then her girlfriend invited her to go shopping on the same day. She changed plans, then DeMartini told her it was a decoy because he was actually flying her to Venice where they could enjoy a romantic weekend. Of course she changed plans again. 

One of my highest values is personal and professional development. Winning this trip is a gift from the universe and so I will take on board Chopra’s advice and use my money to nourish the web of life, knowing that this will create true happiness, fulfilment and success. 

What will you do this week? 

How will you nourish the web of life?

When You’re Feeling Down (WT410)

When You’re Feeling Down (WT410)


WT 410 When you're feeling down

I don’t know about you; for the past few months many of my clients and friends have been experiencing many obstacles, set-backs and challenges and as a result have been feeling very low, depressed, frustrated and/or angry. I include myself in this list so this week I thought I would talk about it because it’s normal to feel like this from time to time.

At times we can feel like there is no hope; no way out; no way through or no solution. At times like this it can be tempting to want to end our pain. I know first-hand how this feels and I’ve had it confirmed lately from many in my network.

Spiritual teachers tell us that the world/planet is shifting and changing so it’s natural that we would feel out of sync. It’s to be expected that we will experience challenges and feel like we are out of flow.

It’s one thing to know that we are normal but what do we do to help ourselves navigate through this choppy uncomfortable time?

For me, it was keeping a promise. Ross and I promised each other 50 years of happy marriage. We’re just over half way and no matter how bad I thought things were or how anxious I felt about the future, I committed to my promise.

What’s your reason? What’s your why that will pull you through? What have you committed to? What could you commit to if you haven’t yet done so?

Another thing that gets in our way is our insistence on knowing and controlling the “How”. This always intrigues me because we know from neuroscience and spirituality that our job is to focus on the “what” and the “why” and leave the “how” to the universe or God or spirit or a higher consciousness (whatever term you use). Too often we get stuck in having to know the details. This only serves to frustrate us and prolong the pain.

I understand that at times it can be challenging to have faith and belief and yet that’s exactly what we must have if we are to move forward. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book about it titled “You’ll See it When You Believe It”. Recently I read another of his books, “Wishes Fulfilled; Mastering the Art of Manifesting”.

One of the most important points I took from the book was the fact that our subconscious mind handles about 96% of all that we undertake in life and that the last 5 minutes before you go to sleep are the most important 5 minutes of our day. Dyer writes, “In this brief portion of your day, you are going to tell your subconscious mind how you feel and what wishes God is to fulfill upon awakening from your deep slumber. This five-minute segment of time in your bed, about to enter into your subconscious and marinate for the next eight hours or so, is the most crucial segment of your entire 24 hour day”.

He continues by instructing us that there is one question we must ask ourselves as we get closer and closer to dropping off into the unconsciousness of sleep – “If my wishes were realized, how would it feel right here right now in my body? Stay with that thought until you begin to feel your body shift into what that feels like. This is not an empty exercise – it is a programming tool for reteaching your subconscious mind to act on what you intend to manifest, rather than on what you are worried, angry, or fearful about.”

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or lost or without hope, do your best to implement the two strategies above: reconnecting to your why and asking yourself how it would feel when you have manifested whatever it is that you want.

Let go of the “how” and know that feeling less than positive from time to time is both natural and normal.

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