WT 651 Best become a Millionaire

Jim Rohn was one of the pioneers in personal development.

He touched on mindset long before neuroscientists were able to support what he was teaching.

You know how at times, someone says something, which is almost like a throw away line and it resonates with you? It resonates so deeply that you remember it for years to come. It changes you. It changes the way you think.

Well, this saying from Jim Rohn resonated with me all those years ago.

He was telling the story about how many people win the lottery etc. and within a few years they are back to where they were financially. Many end up broke.

Jim’s line was, “If someone hands you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire”.

He wasn’t referring to the fact that you now had a million dollars and could call yourself a millionaire. He was reinforcing that you need to become a millionaire. You need to start thinking, feeling and acting like a millionaire.

Why am I telling you this?

This week I was doing some strategic work with clients. They were looking at their marketing budget. I remember Kip McGrath teaching the franchisees that your marketing budget should be in line with the revenue you want to generate, not the revenue you currently have.

For example, if your marketing budget is 10% of sales and your current revenue is $100,000, then your marketing budget is $10,000.    Ten thousand dollars won’t get you a million dollars in revenue. If you want a million dollars in revenue, you should be investing $100,000 in marketing.

“But how can you do that Shirley, when your revenue is $100,000? You can’t spend it all on marketing.”

“No, but you can get an investor to give you the $100,000 so you can generate revenue of a $1Million.”

Best you become a millionaire.

How would a millionaire think, feel and act?

It reverses the old thinking of when I HAVE something, I’ll be able to DO and FEEL something else.

No! You have to BE in order to HAVE and DO

Best you become a millionaire.

Whatever it is you want, now is the time to start thinking, acting and feeling like the person you wish to become.

Ask yourself, “How would a person who has (fill in the blank for what you want) think, feel and act?”

Model that.

Remember, if someone hands you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire.

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