WT 420 You have to write it down

 According to Brian Tracy, the best research shows that, less than 3 percent of Americans have written goals, and less than 1 percent review and rewrite their goals on a daily basis. If we use these statistics as a generalisation, it shows that very few people write down their goals. 

Now I am not about to tell you to create sophisticated goals or spreadsheets or budgets; it’s not my thing. What I will say though is you have to write it down. If you want something, you have to write it down somewhere.  Somewhere being the important point. 

One of my fabulous clients shared with me how he had set his intention for a monthly income of a minimum amount of $6,600 AUD. He documented this in an informal agreement with his partner and within a month or so he rang to tell me that he had been offered an opportunity that would pay him a monthly retainer of $5,000 USD. When he did the sums he laughed out loud because the currency exchange was about $6,600 AUD. 

On 12 December 2017, I wrote two cheques to myself and placed them on the bathroom mirror. One cheque was for $10,000 for a VIP consultation in the Bahamas. You know I recently went to the Bahamas. What you may not know is that I won the consultation and so I now have a big pink tick and the word “Done”, written across the cheque.  

During the last couple of days I have been reciting an affirmation that says, “I allow the universe in and my ego out.” I have been very focussed on being open to messages from the universe. I wrote this affirmation once, as it came to me. This morning I picked a card from Deepak Chopra’s Success Cards and it read, “My objective is not to get rid of the ego, simply to be aware of how it leads me and where.” On the front, the abbreviated affirmation read, “I am aware of my ego.” I laughed loudly when I read this.  The universe does indeed have a sense of humour.  

To top it off, we phoned the US tax department today to enquire about the progress of a tax refund we’ve been waiting on for a year. The lady informed us it had been posted on 22nd June and no surprise, there it was at the Post Office today. 

My point. You don’t have to write it a thousand times, although that can help. You don’t have to write it neatly. As long as you know what you want, you must write it down. You can even type it once into your Notes on your phone. There is something magical and tangible about the energy and vibration of writing things down. 

I forget where I learned this, but the energy and vibration increases from thought to spoken word to written word and of course to taking inspired action. 

What is it you want? 

Have you written it down or are you in the bucket with the 97% who have not?

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