WT 633 Time Log Insights

Last week I mentioned I was completing a 14 day Time Log and this week I would share my insights.

Here’s what I discovered:

As I was printing and preparing for this week’s Leading Yourself and Leading Others Experience I could hear my colleagues saying “Shirl, that’s a job someone else could do” and I agree, it is a job someone else could do. In the process of thinking about delegating or paying OfficeWorks to do the printing, I became aware of 3 obstacles/challenges/limiting beliefs:

1. I would need to be more organised to hand over the tasks

2. I don’t give clear instructions because I generally have to instruct twice

3. In the past it hasn’t been done to my satisfaction so I have a belief that no-one will get it right.

It was interesting to me to see how much of my procrastination for delegation was actually bound to my limiting beliefs.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not strategy that we need to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be, it’s becoming aware of our limiting beliefs and changing them.

It was also interesting to me that I received feedback from my Executive Assistant and one of her colleagues, that I actually give good instructions.   They are very happy with the way I communicate and yet I had decided that I don’t communicate very well.   Moral of the story here for me, seek feedback rather than making an assumption or a decision, especially if it has the effect of limiting your results.

Also, in terms of number 1 above and being more organised, I’ve had to take a serious look at the benefit I get for wearing the badge that I’m a Last Minute Lucy.  Seriously, this kind of behaviour serves no-one, so I’ve decided not to say it anymore and to no longer allow myself the excuse or justification.

How about you?

What limiting beliefs are you carrying that stop you from being more efficient with your time and more productive?

What justifications and excuses are you using to let yourself off the hook?

It’s not that comfortable looking in the mirror and it certainly wasn’t comfortable analysing my time log, however I and my team will be much better for it.

How about you?   What time log insights do you have or imagine you could find?

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