WT 714 That's not what I value

Have you ever been shopping and had your mind set on buying a particular thing and the sales assistant appeared to be doing everything they could to talk you out of it?

It’s a curious thing.

It comes down to what we value.

For example, if you’re a salesperson and you want the cheapest price when you buy something, it’s highly likely that you will expect that your clients have the same value.

Often they do not.

Here’s an example from one of my colleagues.

My colleague values his time and efficiency.

He went to the hairdresser to get his haircut.

The hairdresser thought that the longer she took and the more she fussed over the cut, the happier her clients would be.

This didn’t suit my colleague. He valued his time, not the cost of the haircut or how much the hairdresser fussed.

To the hairdresser, he said, “I will pay you double if you can cut my hair in half the time?”

This shocked the hairdresser because she couldn’t comprehend that someone would pay more for less time.

So, for you this week, I encourage you to have a look at your values and see if you might be unconsciously trying to impose them on others.

Allow others to value what they value.

If you are serving customers, please take the time to listen, really listen to what they want and as best as you can, give it to them.

They will love you for it.

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