WT 626 Tell me what you don't want

If I asked you what you want, could you tell me?

Could you tell me in great detail or would you be vague?

Would you say something like, “I don’t really know”?

Or would you start to tell me what you don’t want?

This is very common. Most people cannot say exactly what they want however most can say what they don’t want. It makes it hard for people to give you want you want or help you get what you want, if:

  1. You don’t really know, or
  2. You can’t articulate it clearly.

So here’s a little exercise you can do, for yourself and/or with others:

  1. Take out a piece of paper or ipad or something to write on.
  2. Have a pen or texta or electronic writing thingame…
  3. Turn your page to landscape.
  4. Draw 3 columns.
  5. In the first column heading write the words “Don’t Want”.
  6. In the second/middle column, write the words “Why not?”
  7. Go to the first column.
  8. List all the things you don’t want, e.g. I don’t want to start work at 6:30am.
  9. Go to the second column.
  10. List the reasons “why not”, e.g. I want to do yoga, meditation, tapping, journaling etc. before I go to work.
  11. Now for the third column heading, write the words “Do Want”.
  12. Look at your list in column 2 and use that to help you get clear about what you do want, e.g. I want to start work at 10:30am so I can get up each morning and do my yoga, meditation, tapping and journaling.

Using the above example, without this exercise, you may have had difficulty saying you want to start work at 10:30am because:

  1. You might feel judged by others for saying so
  2. You might know you want to start at that time and yet not have been clear on exactly why
  3. You just may not have known that the later starting time was important to you, until you discovered the reasons for what you don’t want.

Give it a go.

Tell me what you don’t want and see if that helps you discover what you do want.

Remember, that’s my mission in life – to inspire, educate and support you to be, do, have and feel what you want.

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