WT 412 My money supports the web of life

Tomorrow I am heading to the Grand Bahama – one of 700 islands in the Bahamas. 

“Cool. Sweet. Awesome”, you might say. 

And yes it is all those things and more and I’m only going because I was fortunate enough to win a magical consultation with 2 world class marketing consultants. 

How did I do that? 

Simple – I played the game. 

I submitted a video. I did my homework and I put my hand up and showed up. 

And what has this got to do with this week’s thought on money? 

Before the competition, a trip to the Bahamas had not been added to my budget, so whilst I won the consultation, I still have to fund my airfare and accommodation, etc. 

Looking for inspiration this morning for the Weekly Thought, I picked out a card from Deepak Chopras’ Success Cards, “My Money Supports the Web of Life”.  The picture on the card was of 7 fish in a circle, facing inward. 

The back of the card read, “When I use my money to nourish the web of life, I create true happiness and fulfilment. I am successful.” 

This was one message I needed to hear as I juggled the accounts to make this happen.

Life is a series of priorities and choices.  

I remember a talk by Dr. John DeMartini, in Sydney years ago, where he explained how much our values determine what we do with our time and money. He gave the example of inviting his girlfriend to a science lecture on a particular day. She agreed to go, then her girlfriend invited her to go shopping on the same day. She changed plans, then DeMartini told her it was a decoy because he was actually flying her to Venice where they could enjoy a romantic weekend. Of course she changed plans again. 

One of my highest values is personal and professional development. Winning this trip is a gift from the universe and so I will take on board Chopra’s advice and use my money to nourish the web of life, knowing that this will create true happiness, fulfilment and success. 

What will you do this week? 

How will you nourish the web of life?