WT 461 Do you want me to do nothing and just look at the sky

The past month has been really interesting for Ross and I as we navigate our way through transitioning to living together in the space of a motorhome.

Both of us are leaders and both want to be the boss. Of course there can only be one boss. Fortunately though we can be boss of different areas and so we have come to realise that just like when we were first living together 30 years ago, we have had to clarify our roles and responsibilities.

Similarly, we met another couple on the road who arrived in Australia from South Africa and within a few days were on the road with their caravan.

The wife explained that “he wanted to do everything” and finally, in exasperation she said, “Do you want me to do nothing and just look at the sky?”

She went on to say how she had had to learn how to do things because she hadn’t had to do them in South Africa.

Having clear roles and responsibilities makes life easier for everyone, not just at home. 

Think about your work situation as well.  How much better do you feel and how much better do you perform when you know exactly what you have to do and the standard to which it needs to be done.

If you’re a leader, it’s important that your team knows what they are responsible for.

If you’re a leader, it’s important that you know the limit of your boundaries.

So far for us, it has worked out that Ross takes care of connecting the water and electricity, etc. on the outside and I take care of the inside when we arrive and depart.

We’re still figuring out the rest and are comfortable in the knowledge that “The Team Development Wheel” requires that we go through the argy bargy quadrant of fighting before we get to performing. We are also thankful that on most occasions, I say most, we know how to fight fair.

How about you?