Put It In An Envelope (WT589)

Put It In An Envelope (WT589)


WT 589 Put it in an envelope

It was 4:30pm and we were on our way to the next location.

We were about 45 minutes away.

We had planned to pick up a script from the local doctors on our way.

I thought they closed at 5:00pm but thought I’d ring and see if I might be able to collect it.

“Could I please check what time you finish please?” I asked.

“5:00pm”, said the receptionist.

“I have to pick up a script and we’ve been travelling and I don’t think I’ll get there by 5:00pm”, I shared.

“You can pick it up tomorrow”, she said.

Oh well. It was worth an ask. I was no worse off.

That night we decided to get up early the next day and head to our next location, en-route to Kangaroo Island via ferry.

“I won’t be able to pick up the script”, I said to Ross.

“Oh well, it’s not urgent. It can wait for another week or so”, I thought to myself.

As I started to pack up, the thought struck me that I could have asked the receptionist to put it in an envelope and leave it at the pharmacy next door.

The pharmacy and surgery were joined via a connecting door internally.

“You know there’s always a solution to a problem, if you’re looking for one”, I said to Ross.

“I could have asked them last night.”

Our brains are goal achieving machines and they must find you an answer.

But and the but is, you need to be in the right state of being to be open to creative solutions.

Clearly, I was not in that state when I spoke to the receptionist.

I’ve mentioned it before that our goal each day is to be in, what David Bayer calls “The Powerful State” every day, for as long as we can.

It’s from this state of being, that our creativity and problem solving ability flows. It’s from this state of being that magic happens. It’s from this state of being that we come up with different thoughts and ideas.

I really wished I had been in this state the night before and asked the receptionist if she could put it in an envelope. If so, it would have saved me a whole lot of time and effort.

What state are you in right now?

If you’re in the state of anxiety, anger, frustration or sadness, you’re in the Primal State. This is not a good state to be. It’s not helpful for solving problems.

Do what you can to get back into the Powerful State. Simply becoming aware of the fact that you’re in Primal can help change it.

If that doesn’t do the trick, go and do something that makes you feel happy or that you enjoy. 

Remember, everything you want comes from the Powerful State.

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She Who Adapts Succeeds (WT508)

She Who Adapts Succeeds (WT508)


WT508 She Who Adapts Succeeds

In these challenging times, I want to take the opportunity to remind you that he or she who adapts succeeds.

No-one knows what’s going to happen as a result of the Corona Virus and this uncertainty causes many people to go into what David Bayer refers to as the Primal State of Being.

The Primal State matches to our Sympathetic Nervous System – the fight or flight system. In times of real danger, you need this to either stand and fight or run, but let’s be clear, there is a huge difference between being in danger and being in fear.

Emotions such as stress, overwhelm, fear and anger trigger your Sympathetic Nervous System and cause you to go into the Primal State. The Primal State cuts you off from all your creative resources and intuition and inspiration because it’s only focused on survival.

What’s needed now, more than ever, is to get yourself into the opposite state, known as the Powerful State. The Powerful State matches to your Parasympathetic Nervous System, also known as rest, relaxation and digestion. 

One way to do this is to understand that the thoughts you are thinking that are putting you in the Primal State are NOT TRUE and so if they are not true, then what is true? Usually it’s the opposite.  

What we need to do is to become aware of our thoughts and change them, then look for the evidence to support what is true. In other words, become aware of what we call your Unintelligent Thinking. Unintelligent in the sense that it is stopping you from accessing your own and the infinite intelligence to find creative solutions. 

Here’s an example of what many people are thinking at the moment: “My hours have been cut. I’m not going to get paid. I’m not going to have enough money. I’m going to go broke. I’ll never get out of this.”  If you truly look at the thinking you’ll see it’s not true. It’s simply the meaning you are giving to an experience and we know there is no suffering in any experience, only the meaning we give it. 

On the same example, look at your finances and know that you’ve always had enough, you’ve got enough now and you’ll have enough in the future. You may want more, however you’ve always found a way to survive.  Go through and look for the evidence for where you have survived in the past. Write it down. Focus on it every day. Get yourself into a Powerful State. 

It’s the only way you’ll be able to adapt and succeed.

Remember, he or she who adapts succeeds. Now is the time to adapt and look for other opportunities. You can’t be creative unless you get yourself in to the Powerful State.

It’s Just an Experience (WT501)

It’s Just an Experience (WT501)


WT501 It's Just An Experience

I recently travelled to Orlando, Florida to graduate as a Transformational Mindset Facilitator for David Bayer’s Phenomenal Coaching Methodologies – in other words Mindset 2.0 but that’s not what I want to talk about. I just want to give you the context for this week’s thought.

On my return flight from Orlando to Los Angeles I was waiting in line at the Security Checking stations. I wasn’t paying attention and like a sheep, I simply followed behind the people in front of me, until …. a hand waved in front of my face, gesturing that I should move back behind a sign (that I hadn’t seen). 

“Step back”, he yelled. “Ma am, read the sign. It says ‘Wait here until I call you’. I’ve got two lines to check and you have to wait.” 

Inside I was fuming. I was embarrassed. My heart was racing and I could feel myself blush the colour of a ripe red tomato from my neck to my forehead. I went into what we call a Primal State. 

I did as I was told. I know better than to upset the American Security Guards, especially at an airport. 

As I stood there, I remembered my training from David Bayer; it’s only an experience. There is no suffering in the experience, only the meaning we give it, so I decided to let it go. There was no need to make anything more of it. Let it go.  

We have hundreds of experiences every day. We don’t need to attach meaning and suffering to something that is over. 

With that I carried on with my journey home and entertained myself with positive happy thoughts of my reunion with Ross and visualised the things I want to create in my life. 

I would be silly to waste my energy on the negative and cut myself off from the creative inspiration and infinite intelligence, that is only available when we are in, what we call, a Powerful State. 

How about you? 

Would you have carried it or let it go, realising it is just an experience?

There is no suffering in any experience; only the meaning we attach to it.

Your challenge this week, and every day of your life, is to maintain living in the Powerful State rather than the Primal State.  (Just to clarify, from David Bayer – the Powerful State aligns to the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system which is rest and relaxation.)

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