WT 466 He was so proud of what he had done

This week we were late travelling to our intended destination so we ended up staying at a different location. Originally booking in for one night, we’ve ended up staying 5 nights. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.

We were talking to the caretaker/manager who shared that the owners of the caravan park call in each week to collect the money and how he wanted to show them some of the improvements he had initiated.

“Come down the back and see what I’ve done,” he suggested to the owner.

The owner looked at his watch and grimaced.

“No. I can’t. I have some other places to be, so I’ll have to get going.”

The caretaker shared with us, “I was so proud of what I had done and he didn’t even bother to have a look.”

After he left, Ross and I discussed the ramifications of such poor leadership.

When you have someone who is showing initiative and is proud of what they’ve done, take the time to be interested and have a look. They are looking for your approval and your praise and appreciation.

Not giving them the recognition is one of the quickest ways to lower engagement, productivity and work satisfaction.

I felt really sad for the caretaker and annoyed at the owner.

I wonder how long it will be before the park starts to look shabby and goes downhill because the manager has lost motivation.

Like training your pets, you reward the behaviours you want to see.

When someone is proud of what they have done, be sure to notice and acknowledge it.

What sort of leader are you? Do you notice and acknowledge and encourage?