WT 577 Are you open to receiving?

Wow! What a couple of weeks we’ve had.

We’d been at the van park in Darwin for a few days when we found out at midday on a Sunday that we were going into lockdown at 1pm that day. That was an hour later.

Ross and I were in a panic.

We’d also been told that the supermarkets were going to close and we had little fresh food in the motorhome.

As we were frantically packing up the motorhome to drive to the shops one of the neighbours came over and offered for us to go with them.

“Yes please!” we smiled.

We were so grateful.

When we got to the shops there was a line up to get into Woolworths grocery store. We waited in the sun for what seemed like an eternity.

As we neared the entrance to the store, an employee offered us masks.

“Thank you!”, again grateful for the gesture.

Over the next few weeks we were invited to join our neighbours and their group to watch the State of Origin football matches and join in with Happy Hour of an afternoon.

On a number of occasions, different members of the group offered for us to go with them to the shops.

This was an amazing offer for us because our only other means of transport was riding our electric pushbikes and we were 5km from the nearest shops. In the Darwin heat of 32 degrees Celsius and 90% humidity, we said “Yes Please and Thank You” to every opportunity we got.

Now, why am I telling you this?

It’s because we haven’t always been that way. In the past we were fiercely independent and proud – too proud to accept help.

Not these days. If someone offers to help me, I’m a grateful recipient.

Likewise we also expressed our thanks and gratitude by reciprocating with a carton of beer (which I managed to carry on the back of my pushbike – but that’s another story).

Being open to receiving can be a challenge for some of us, so your challenge this week is to say “Yes, thank you”, when someone offers to help you in any way OR you can also choose to ask for help if you need it.

People are not judging you harshly for asking for or accepting help.

Most of us want to help. It’s how we feel good about ourselves.

So if you must, look at it this way, by accepting the help, you are actually helping someone else feel good about helping.

Are you open to receiving?

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