WT483 Dogs Don't Discriminate

It was early morning and Ross was driving me to work with a client for the day.

I noticed a dog jumping all over a man who was sitting on the cold cement on a blanket.

The dog was on a leash and its owner was doing her best to pull the dog away, but it was having none of that. 

The dog clearly liked the man and continued to strain on its lead; tail wagging furiously and a big tongue doing its best to reach and lick the man’s face.

I was intrigued as I watched this and realised that the man appeared to be homeless, or at least he was begging.

Next to where he sat, he had two old crumpled cardboard boxes. I assumed they were to collect money or other donations.

He seemed to be enjoying the affections of the dog.

As we travelled past them, I couldn’t help but notice that dogs don’t discriminate.

They don’t know who is rich or poor. Who knows if they see fat or thin, big or small, different coloured skin and hair. They don’t know who is smart and who isn’t. They don’t know who works and who doesn’t. They mostly love and accept everyone.

Pity that the lady couldn’t allow the dog and the man to enjoy some affection.

What makes us discriminate?

How come we can’t behave more like dogs and be more accepting towards others?

Your action this week is to be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions and notice whether you find yourself discriminating or accepting others.