WT 716 When you're short on time

I’m always looking to grow and develop and of course share what I learn with you.

This week I learned two things which I think will benefit you.

The first is a concept called “Power Pocket Rehearsals” by Lisa Pezik.

Lisa attended “World’s Greatest Speaker” training with Brendan Burchard, Bo Eeson and Roger Love.

She enrolled with all three for their coaching programs.

Bo encouraged the group and asked, “What if you could achieve your 10 year goal in one year?”

Lisa didn’t really think this was possible, however she did the work and created her own vision board, by sketching it and then set about sharing her goal and working towards it.

Lisa wanted to write a play and star in the play in live theatre as a one woman actor.

She achieved her goal in just less than one year. Amazing!

She shared her strategy – “Power Pocket Rehearsals”.

Instead of scrolling on Facebook for 20 minutes of a night, she rehearsed.

If she only had 7 minutes between meetings, she practised her voice warm up exercises.

Lisa found the pockets of time that previously she felt she wasted.

How often do we do that?   Waste time on something that isn’t “essential” when we could be doing something towards manifesting our dreams.     

The second thing is “Learn To Love It”.

In my coaching session I wanted to know how to get myself to take the action I know I need to take.

Mentor, Cham Tang replied, “Learn To Love It”.

I was puzzled.

He explained, we find the time to do the things we love, so learn to love the things you need to do and yet don’t do that are good for you.

When Cham was younger he enrolled in acting classes. He and another student had to practise their roles.  The other student enthusiastically said, “Oh, I just love practising. I’ve been away from acting for a while and I just love it.”

At the time Cham didn’t love the practise and yet he continued to the point where he did start to like it and eventually love it.

What’s something you are putting off that is good for you or will take you to where you want to go and yet you can’t get yourself to do the work?

Can you find some power pocket rehearsal times or practise enough until you learn to love it?

In fact, the only reason I got to hear Lisa’s presentation was because we turned off the nightly television shows and decided to watch something that was good for us.

What is it for you?

Reply and let me know.

Regards Shirley

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