WT 413 When you need reassurance

It was 2 hours after the flight was scheduled to depart. I was flying from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport in Grand Bahama.

Firstly. we started to board then got called back to the departure lounge as new flight crew were called in. 

We departed only to have to turn around because of a medical emergency for one of the passengers. 

Without knowing what was happening, I sat in my seat sending love and light; pink for love and white light to keep the passenger safe and blue and green for healing. 

I sent it to the sick passenger and the flight attendant – a young girl in her mid twenties who went white herself when informed of the passenger’s situation. 

What was impressive as I sat waiting to take off for the 3rd time was the support and reassurance the Captain gave his flight attendant. Clearly she was upset about the ordeal and whilst I couldn’t hear or understand what he was saying to her, I was watching his body language as his eyes focussed intently on her and he reassured her that she had done everything correctly or so I imagined because she nodded and responded with a flicker of a smile. He nodded and shook his head this way and that as he stressed his points. She seemed to become calmer and he smiled – a genuine smile nodding as he re-entered the cockpit. 

Leadership is an interesting thing to watch. Without words you can see leadership in action. You can tell when your leader cares about you and when they have your back. 

I believe the passenger will be alright, it seems she suffered a tonic clonic seizure (previously known as a grand mal seizure) and was able to walk off the plane assisted. 

The Captain kept us informed of what was happening and also interacted with the young children in the plane with much patience. 

Whilst it was inconvenient for me and the other passengers it was a fantastic case study of leadership, reassurance and teamwork. 

And to you, as a leader what would you have done? How would you have reacted and what words would you have said to your crew? 

And if someone like me was watching you, what do you think they would be thinking about your leadership style and feelings toward your team?