WT 402 Every team needs a Leader

One of the things I love about our leadership program is the way the participants really get to experience what it means to be part of a team and how much every team needs a leader. 

Each session the participants are assigned homework. If everyone completes every task, the participants receive a “Pass” overall. 

If just one task is missed, by just one participant, the entire “team” is awarded a “No Pass”. 

In all the time I have been running the programs, there has only been one group that passed one session of the homework.  

This might surprise you and like me you might think, “How hard can it be to do some tasks?” 

The other interesting thing is that almost universally, no-one steps up to lead the group. 

I call them a group of individuals because for the most part, participants operate on an individual basis until they get the concept of “team”. 

It’s really fascinating to observe human psychology and behaviour.  

All it would take for the team to Pass is for one person to step up and take the lead and coordinate with the other members to make sure each person completes their tasks by the due date. 

Again, every team, no matter how small or created for what purpose, needs a leader, whether appointed or not. 

In the case of our leadership program, I don’t appoint a leader. I provide the opportunity for the group to experience what happens when there is a lack of leadership (i.e. No Pass). 

This experiential learning, whilst at times it can feel unpleasant and awkward, provides much more value than me simply handing out notes and lecturing on the importance of leadership. 

This week I’d like you to look at the teams in your business and in your personal life. 

How many of them have an “appointed” leader? (In other words, positional leadership with a title and authority.) 

How many of them started as groups of individuals and someone stepped up to lead? 

Every team needs a leader. 

People are looking for leadership. 

Are you that person? Are you the one who will put your hand up, whether appointed or not and take charge? 

I challenge you to notice the difference in productivity and enjoyment of the tasks between groups and teams that have leaders and those that don’t. 

Let me know how you go.