WT463 Keep the Faith

 My vision for travelling and working around Australia was to be able to continue coaching and training with my clients. 

I have to say the first month or two was a bit rough, especially having to dress in my corporate clothes and apply make-up. This didn’t fit the vision and on a few occasions I cried to Ross, “This isn’t what I had in mind. I visualised being on the phone coaching and helping people, wearing my shorts and T-shirt and looking out over the ocean.”

This week the vision finally came to light. Situated overlooking the magnificent Number 1 Beach at Seal Rocks in New South Wales, I got to coach, even with poor network availability and phone coverage.

I smiled as I found myself encouraging one of my clients to “Keep the Faith”. Often as I coach, a little voice in my head asks me, “Are you listening to this? Are you hearing this advice?”

On many occasions I think the advice I give is really intended for me.

As it happened, my client was feeling down and almost ready to give in and give up. “You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought”, I counselled.  This is actually the name of a book, a very big book by Peter McWilliams, which is definitely worth a read. Initially intended for people with life threatening illnesses (including life), the advice is relevant for all of us.

If I had given in or given up, we would not have Contessa; we would not be travelling and working from amazing places and meeting amazing people.

If you’re feeling down or feeling like what you want may not manifest, remind yourself, You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought and you MUST, absolutely MUST Keep the Faith.

It is only your faith and determination and commitment that will see you through the hard times until you manifest what you want, be that health, wealth or relationships.

Until next week, Keep the Faith.