WT 442 When you have a great leader

Last week I became a Number 1 International Best Seller on Amazon with the book, “Empowering You Transforming Lives”. As a co-author, I contributed to the 365 daily inspirational quotes and messages that are designed to lift you up every day of the year. It was certainly a fantastic achievement and today I want to share with you, what for me, was the best part of being involved in the project – and that was being led by a great leader – Rebecca Hall Gruyter.

Thank you to everyone who supported me by purchasing the book. I am truly grateful. I appreciate you. 

Rebecca owns one of the networks that hosts my TV show “Business Life TV”, so when given the opportunity to be part of the book, of course I said “Yes”. 

That was lesson number 1 –  when you are given an opportunity say “Yes”.  

From the moment I leaned into the opportunity, I became part of the team. 

Rebecca held the vision for the book, the impact it would have in the world and for the authors.  

She consistently reminded and encouraged us towards the vision. 

She was clear with her communication and very timely. We knew exactly what we had to do, by when. Rebecca hosted regular online meetings to update everyone involved with each step of the project. 

When it came time to launch, I was given clear instructions and sample promotional posts for social media. I knew exactly what to expect. As an example, I was advised to allocate the day to engage and promote the launch and even though I didn’t really believe it at first, it proved correct. I started at 4am with a check in call, filmed a quick promotional video, launched on social media and the next time I looked at the clock it was 11am and I hadn’t had breakfast. 

It was amazing to see and be part of the collective efforts to reach the goal of No. 1 International Best Seller. 

During the day we received regular updates about sales. We received encouragement to continue to promote. We were given templates to use and we celebrated each and every little milestone. 

At the conclusion of the launch we had a special celebratory online meeting where we expressed our gratitude and truly celebrated the effort and success. How often do we achieve something and simply move on to the next? Celebration and acknowledgement is a critical part of the process. 

Can you recall a time when you felt that camaraderie? Can you recall working with a leader who has vision? Can you recall how you felt when the goal was achieved? Can you recall a time when you knew exactly what you had to do, why you had to do it and when? 

For me it was an amazing experience because I got to experience and remember what if feels like to be part of an amazing successful team being led by a great leader. 

How about you? If you’re a leader, would your team say the same?  If not, now might be a good time to step up. You can learn to improve your skills and awareness and become a great leader. 

My point today was to share what can be achieved and what it feels like when we experience great leadership. 

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Anything is possible when you have a great leader!