WT 407 It's not what you look like

A few years ago I did some training on self-concept and self-esteem for one of my clients and their team.

I started one of the sessions by showing them a mock up of me on the cover of a magazine (it was part of my vision board). 

“What’s wrong with this picture?” I asked.

They all studied the picture intently and none came up with what I thought was wrong with the picture.

It wasn’t the headline. It wasn’t the font. It wasn’t the colours.

“Can’t you see?” I demanded.

“Look at my teeth in the photo, they’re crooked.”

“Look at the wrinkles around my eyes” and on I went about all the things that were wrong with the picture.

Of course the picture was of me. I was pointing out all the things I don’t like I about myself. I was pointing out all the things that were not perfect.

They didn’t see it because to them there was no difference between the person standing in front of them and the picture they had in their hands, (well maybe a little less makeup than in the picture).

It’s not about what you look like.

Unless you are a hermit; people are looking at you every day.

It’s fascinating to me observing how hung up we get on our appearance.

This came up recently when we filmed for Day 2 of our Powerful Marketing Video Event.

As the participants sat in the make-up artist’s chair, they proceeded to tell her about all the things they didn’t like about how they looked. 

When they got in front of the camera with me, they started to tell me about all the things they didn’t like about themselves. 

When we present them with the edited final version, what do you think they mention first?

“I really don’t like myself on camera.” 

“I hate the sound of my voice.”

“I’m too animated.” 

It’s not about what you look like. 

People are interacting with you every day. They see you. They hear you. They know you. 

My message today – Get over it. It’s not about what you look like.  

It’s our lack of self-esteem and confidence. 

These are the things to work on. What you look like is what you look like. 

Do your best to be comfortable with your appearance and save yourself and everyone else the pain of hearing about how much you don’t like yourself.  

You can’t do anything about your appearance, unless you engage a specialist plastic surgeon. 

It’s not about what you look like. People are drawn to you or repelled by your energy and vibration. 

If you want to change something, work on improving your energy. This will also help you increase your self-esteem and confidence. 

It’s not about what you look like.