Teamwork is Everywhere WT542

The other morning we were on a deadline to get packed up and get moving. Checkout time at the caravan park was 10am. As I looked around the park, I noticed many of the other campers were also scurrying around to pack up and vacate on time.

As I watched (while I packed up of course), I started thinking about teamwork.

Teamwork is everywhere.

Ross and I have our jobs. He takes care of the outside and I take care of the inside.

I was intrigued to watch the other husband and wife teams as they appeared to have their specific jobs too.

A well functioning or high performing team consists of team members who trust each other to do their jobs and do them well.

A high performing team also consists of team members who are not afraid to speak up and hold each other accountable.

A high performing team outperforms a group of individuals any time.

A high performing team also provides support for members when they need it.

Think about your personal teams; your family and friends.

Recall a time when your family or friends were organising a big event; perhaps it was a wedding or a birthday celebration or other festive occasion.

Think back to all the jobs that had to be done by a certain timeframe. Think back to who organised the jobs and allocated them to team members.

Think back to the fights and squabbles that occurred as tension mounted getting closer to the day.

Successful events require a team approach. We can’t do everything by ourselves.

This week I invite you to take notice. Look around and identify all the teams you belong to.

Identify the ones that are high performing and identify what makes them high performing. Do your teams tick the boxes above?

Remember, teamwork is everywhere.

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