WT 464 Follow the path

Many times I’ve mentioned, “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

Whenever I am walking or driving somewhere I tend to follow the path. 

The other day we stopped in Coffs Harbour to get some chemicals for our bathroom. Ross reversed Contessa and I jumped out to run in to the shop and quickly buy what we needed. 

I scanned the carpark and found a path with hand rails. 

I headed for the path. 

As I walked up the path I realised that the shop entrance was directly opposite Ross and the motorhome. 

I turned the corner and walked the extra few metres to the entrance. 

Of course as I looked in Ross’ direction, he had been watching the whole thing and there he sat, laughing his head off. Typical of Ross, he doesn’t miss a thing, even when you wish he would. 

Embarrassed and red faced because I could have simply walked across the carpark straight to the entrance, I started to laugh myself, as I gestured my middle finger towards Ross. 

“How we do anything is how we do everything.” 

I always follow the path. 

I’m curious, what would you have done? 

Would you have noticed the quick and easy way or like me, would you follow the path, even if it takes longer?