Messages From Your Heart (WT467)

Messages From Your Heart (WT467)


WT 467 Messages from your Heart

This week I want to share some words of wisdom from one of my mentors because it’s a different way of looking at an issue that many of us experience.

I am a big fan of “Tapping” (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear negative emotions.

I follow Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica Ortner ( They have written a number of books and have created a number of online programs to help educate people about the power of tapping to improve relationships, emotional well-being, abundance, weight loss and more.

This week I opened an email from Jessica and was thrilled to read her words: “I easily begin to care less about what other people think, so I can more clearly hear the messages from my own heart.” 

I love this. Why? Because I often struggle with worrying about what other people think of me and up until now I have not had a way to frame it to be able to effectively embrace changing.

I know on a logical level that I “shouldn’t” care about what others think of me. Like you, I’ve heard the saying, “What others think of me is none of my business” and yet the words didn’t make any difference.

However, from Jessica’s point of view, I can see clearly that there is a far greater reason not to be concerned about what others think. 

The more I worry about what others think and might say about me, the less I can hear what my heart really wants to tell me. Now this is something I do want to hear. This is something I do want to know so I am now motivated to free up that line of communication and of course the added benefit is releasing the pressure and worry of being good enough to only ever be thought about or discussed in a positive way.

And whilst we’re sharing mentors’ quotes, here’s another from Stu McLaren, Founder of Tribe (my membership mentor), he says, “Love me or hate me, there’s no money in the middle.”

“OMG. What might you think about that? Am I being mercenary? Maybe I shouldn’t mention money?”

Wow! How freeing these quotes have been for me. Worrying less about what others may think enables me to hear my heart and that is to create an awesome experience for the people I work with to guide and support you through change, transition and transformation.

How about you? Is this a message you needed to hear?

You Have to See the Dirt (WT436)

You Have to See the Dirt (WT436)


WT 436 You have to see the Dirt

This week, I was watching an interview between Louise Hay, Founder of Hay House and absolute guru in the self-help and healing sector and Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution.

“Tapping” is used to refer to Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short. It’s an ancient healing modality that uses the meridians of the body in conjunction with the amygdala in our brain. The amygdala is the part of the brain associated with fight, flight and freeze. 

The idea of tapping on the meridians with your fingertips whilst acknowledging what’s not working has been scientifically proven to help people release past unconscious memories and help them to move forward. 

Nick asked Louise what she thought about people who believed you shouldn’t acknowledge the negative things in your life when tapping.

Louise responded, “You have to see the dirt before you can clean it. If you want to clean an oven, you have to see how dirty it is.” 

This resonated with me because much of the recent self-help literature focuses on the Law of Attraction and only thinking good thoughts. 

Whilst I agree with thinking and speaking about the story we want to create, Louise’s comment also rang true for me, especially when I think of the work I do coaching clients and facilitating my Leading Yourself and Leading Others program.

We have to become self-aware before we can choose to change anything. Sometimes this awareness comes in the form of feedback from others. 

My message to you this week is to encourage you to be open to looking at the dirt in your life. Look at what’s not working and accept it. Take a really good look so you know and understand the extent of the job you have before you and then, if you choose, clean it up.

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