WT 444 If you want more

As we celebrate the festive season, I find myself reflecting on Christmas and how it is often thought of as a time of giving.

Many of us were taught “It’s better to give than to receive”.

BNI (Business Networking International), teaches its members that “Givers Gain”.

This year, I truly understood what it means to be grateful and to express that appreciation.

As a child, my mother used to admonish me and call me an “ungrateful wretch”.

I was deeply hurt by this, yet as I got older, I understood what she was trying to teach me, that being grateful and expressing appreciation is so important, and from a selfish point of view, if you want to receive more, it’s the easiest way to make sure you do.

Let me explain.

Over the Christmas period, I caught up with some friends. One friend, we’ll call her Justine, was sharing how upset she was that she went to so much effort to find gifts for her brother’s kids and not one of them said “Thank You”.

At first I thought Justine was just complaining. After all, isn’t Christmas the time of giving?

But what she said next had a profound effect on me.

She said, “I’m hardly encouraged to buy them anything at all next year.”

Whoa! I got it.

That’s exactly how it is with the universe. 

If we don’t show our appreciation and gratitude for the things we have in our lives right now, why would we expect the universe or God to give us more and shower us with gifts.

Since that conversation, I have been very mindful to express my gratitude to the universe and anyone who has done or given me something. 

Now you might say that’s being selfish. Being grateful in order to receive more.

Here’s the thing. It actually feels good to express your appreciation and by doing so, you help to make someone else feel happy about whatever it is they have done for you or given you.

You actually encourage them to want to give you more.


How often do the gurus tell us, “Be grateful” and how often do so many of us miss the point? 

Thank you universe for this lesson. I truly got it. 

Thank you universe for the opportunity to share it with so many. I trust you will get it too. 

Guess what your mission is this week?   

If you want more, be grateful and express your appreciation. 

Let me know what happens.