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Today I want to share a story with you that my voice coach, Roger Love shared on our group call, in answer to a question by one of the other “Speakers Guild Members” about being nervous before giving a speech.

Here’s how it goes:

Two workers are standing at the water cooler on a Friday afternoon.

Paul says to Ed, “What’s on for the weekend?”

Ed replies, “I’m going to watch a movie.”

“Great”, says Paul. “Let me know how it goes.”

On Monday, they meet again at the water cooler.

“How was the movie?” asks Paul.

“Not that great”, replies Ed and proceeds to tell him all the reasons why it wasn’t worth watching.

Friday afternoon, they meet again at the water cooler.

Paul asks, “What’s on for the weekend?”

Ed says, “I’m going to watch a movie”.

“Which one?”, asks Paul.

“The same one”, says Ed.

Paul is confused. “You said it was a lousy movie, how come you’re going to watch it again?”

“Oh, I might find something in it”, replied Ed.

“Stop watching sucky movies”, Paul encourages.

And Roger then went on to describe how this is what we do to ourselves when we continue to play our own “sucky movies” of past or future experiences.

Stop watching sucky movies.

Play only the movies from your past or future where you are the hero.

Play only movies that you enjoy and that feel good and that uplift you.

This is especially relevant for us as speakers and trainers, however it applies to everyone.

Prime yourself by watching the movies of your success. Remember the times when you were loved, appreciated or complimented.

Stop watching sucky movies.

And as we fast approach Christmas and the holiday season, remember to make magical memories of all the wonderful things you do and are.

All the best for Christmas 2023. May 2024 be everything you want and more.

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