WT 459 Persevere - It will get better

It’s been just over a month since Ross and I started our journey in Contessa, (our motorhome).

We’ve been happily married for nearly 30 years and yet one month in Contessa nearly brought it all undone.

Living in such close quarters has required HUGE adjustments on both our parts.

As an only child and an introvert (i.e. I regenerate through solitude), I have struggled to find some time and space for myself.

Without periods of solitude I tend to get narky and cranky and passive aggressive.

Of course Ross reacts rather than responds and the whole situation just disintegrates.

I was doing my best to explain the situation to a colleague and I imagine that what we are going through is what many first time parents go through; waiting so long for the birth then realising how much work it is and not necessarily as much fun as expected, and hoping it will get better. As parents the realisation occurs that “This is it”. There is no going back.

Thankfully Ross and I remind ourselves of our commitment. We promised each other at least 50 years of happy healthy married life together. This keeps us going when times are tough.

In our leadership experience this past week, participants also learned the value of perseverance. Playing a game, one team were on the brink of giving up and changing things around. They persevered and came good at the end. It was a very valuable lesson for all of us.

This week, as I share our challenges with you and make the commitment to make it work, believing strongly that “It will get better” and therefore it will, I encourage you to notice any situations or relationships where your commitment might be needed to make it work.

Even though you may be thinking of giving up, ask yourself if you can stick it out for a little longer and make the commitment (if appropriate) to make it work.

Perseverance is a great quality to cultivate and certainly one I am improving on a daily basis.

Remember, persevere and it will get better.

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