WT 405 Pass on the positive

One of the scores we use in the Integrity and Values profile measures Appreciation. This is the degree to which you can give both positive and negative feedback. The creator, Jennifer Elliott, says that if you can’t give negative feedback, you’ll also be unlikely to give positive feedback. 

This week I’ve noticed a theme around giving positive feedback and accepting it. 

What I’ve found is that often we do receive positive feedback but we don’t take it on board for a number of reasons:  

  1. We don’t believe we deserve it
  1. We don’t believe the person saying it
  1. We dismiss it as soon as it’s said, or
  1. We don’t even hear it

There are plenty of other reasons as well and you can make up your own list. 

Today I want to encourage you to both pass on positive feedback and also accept it when you receive it. 

And when I say pass on positive feedback, I am including yourself in that. 

This week I presented a workshop for the Real Estate Academy and I took notice of my reaction to positive feedback. I’ve been working on this for myself to allow myself to hear it and accept it and I am so happy to say that at the end of the workshop, not only did I not beat myself up for all the things I think I could have done differently or better, I actually acknowledged to myself that I did a good job and was happy with it AND I accepted the compliments that came my way from the participants and organiser as well. 

It has also been interesting to notice people’s reactions when we show them their videos. Most people report not liking seeing or hearing themselves on camera.  They don’t like the way they look, etc. This is easily overcome if you think about the fact that people are looking at you every day and that doesn’t stop us from going out and doing our thing each day. 

This week I’d like you to focus on passing on the positive to yourself and to those around you. Really make a point to make sure they hear it and accept it. 

I’m including myself in this exercise and have passed it along to at least 5 people in the past 3 days, plus myself. 

Who can you pass some positive feedback to? 

Will you allow yourself to receive? 

And to finish, I wish you a happy Easter if you celebrate Easter and happy holidays if not.

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