WT 432 Make yourself a Micro-commitment

This week I am celebrating. 

I passed my exam (100% and bragging) and am now an official graduate of the ASK Method Masterclass which is all about asking your market the RIGHT questions to figure out exactly WHAT they want to buy and exactly HOW to sell it to them in order to serve them and help them solve their problems. 

But that’s not the topic for this week.  

I wanted to share one of the concepts I learned, which helped me to get the work done so I could pass. 

It’s called a “micro-commitment”: 

  • A small incremental step to move you (or others) toward taking a specific action without scaring yourself (or them) off in the process 
  • Based on neuroscientific evidence that any sort of change, good or bad, is perceived as a threat by the brain which kicks off the fight, flight or freeze response. To avoid triggering that response you want to ask yourself “What is the next possible step I can ask myself or someone else to take, that is so small, it is literally impossible to fail?” 

For example, one small micro-commitment I made was to turn on the computer and open the lesson.  That’s not something I could fail and it was only a tiny commitment. Of course, once I had turned on the computer and opened the lesson, I completed it. 

By making micro-commitments we can avoid feeling overwhelmed which can lead us to procrastinate (freeze). 

Every time you move into action you move closer to your goal, so pick an action that you can start on today, no matter how small. Remember you can use the power of micro-commitments to hack your own progress  

What is something you could do right now, to take action towards a goal you have, that you could not fail? 

Whatever it is, make yourself a micro-commitment now. 

Keep up your momentum. 

Remember “Done is Better than Perfect”.  (It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.)

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