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I love it when I teach participants in the Leading Yourself and Leading Others experience how to Actively Listen and they practise with me.

It’s so great for me to be on the receiving end and this week that’s exactly what happened.

As much as I confess I am not a guru, nor perfect, there seems to be this expectation that Shirley has it all together. It’s really interesting for me when participants see for themselves that I too, have my own spaghetti and that I get triggered too.

I had a real life example we could use.

I have people wanting to enrol in the next Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series and I’ve been procrastinating on picking a date.

During the active listening demonstration, I became aware of a limiting belief I was carrying that people do not want training in December or January and that these months should not be offered.

During an earlier conversation, one potential client mentioned that January is actually a really good month for them because it’s quiet for them with clients and gives them the opportunity to work on systems and do training.   Well that busted that limiting belief.

And yet, here I was during our practise listening session still not wanting to pick a date. I was still resisting. How come?

I was scared.

Scared of what?

Scared to reach out and make the call. Scared that I would be seen as being “pushy”. Scared I might not have enough people for the class.

This was silly, as most limiting beliefs are.  Limiting beliefs are decisions we make at some point in time. The good news is, that we know how to make decisions, so we can simply make another one and as David Bayer says, the moment of transformation occurs when we see our unintelligent thinking as unintelligent.

During our listening practice demonstration, I decided to create a survey and send this to those whom had expressed interest. They can tell me the best days and months for their business and team members, that way I can make sure I’m serving them.

Making a decision usually requires us to take action. Taking action provides us the opportunity for feedback. Are we on course or off course?

Once we have clarity, we generally only have to take a little bit of focussed action.

So here’s the link to the survey. If you’re interested to join the next Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series, click on the link and let me know your preferences for days, time and month to start.

TLL Masterclass Session Preferences

The masterclass series is a 9 week online training facilitated by me. We meet once a week for 90 minutes. Every other week I provide training on a topic e.g. how to create a workflow diagram, how to create a special type of job description showing Key Performance Indicators and Key Behaviour Indicators, which make it so much easier to supervise staff plus they know exactly what they have to do to succeed in the role and the right way to write procedures.

Participants have homework on each of the topics and then we debrief the following week. This interactive format has proven to be extremely successful. Participants love the short sessions as opposed to a day’s training. They also report that they love hearing and seeing the feedback on each person’s homework. They learn so much because they are doing the work. Accountability is built into the masterclass series. What they produce for homework is practical, usable and relevant to their work.

So rather than just picking a date and hoping for the best, here’s the survey if you’re interested in registering for the next masterclass series. Click on the link and let me know your preferences.

TLL Masterclass Session Preferences

Regards Shirley

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P.S.S. Click on the link to choose your preferences for the next Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series.  TLL Masterclass Session Preferences

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