WT 640 I'm not trying to get another job out of you

Here’s a perfect example of two different perceptions:

We were running out of time to get the painting done in the house before the carpet was to be laid and we move in.

We asked around and got a recommendation for a painter.

We engaged the painter to paint all the internal walls and ceilings for us.

As we drove up to the house one morning, I realised we also needed to get the “very high and very steep” sides of the external walls painted as well.

As it happened, the painter was just setting up outside when we arrived, so we asked him about the external walls.

“Yes, no problem”, he could do that. We would just need to organise some sort of scaffolding.

As we walked back to the front of the house, he pointed out the garage doors and said, “I’m not trying to get another job out of you but I could paint those garage doors for you, if you were thinking of replacing them.”

Indeed, replacing the garage doors was on my big list of things to fix or replace.

He repeated himself, “I’m not trying to get another job out of you. I don’t know how much it would cost to replace the doors, but it would be a few hours work and the cost of the paint. This would most likely be a lot cheaper than buying new doors. I estimate it would be about $x.”

The $x was about half of what I expected it might cost to replace the doors.

I found it curious that he kept justifying himself with “I’m not trying to get another job out of you”, when I was very appreciative of him letting me know that he could do the job and the bonus was that we wouldn’t have to replace the doors and it would cost substantially less.

It’s fascinating to me to see how we clearly communicate our limiting beliefs to others.

The painter seemed to be embarrassed about letting me know that he could do the extra work. It was as if he was apologising for offering the work that would cost me more money and yet from my point of view, I was extremely grateful to him for telling me what he could do.

Think about yourself for a moment. If someone was listening to you, would they have a different perception of what you are saying?

Are you aware enough to pick up when you verbalise a limiting belief?

That’s your mission this week. Listen to what people are saying to you. Listen to yourself. See if you notice any limiting beliefs.

You might just find that your customers appreciate you letting them know what you can do for them.

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