WT484 I'm Not a Bad Person

Sally was sitting in the waiting room of the Doctor’s surgery.

Across from her was an older woman who looked like she had experienced some hard times.

Her hair was dishevelled, long and grey. Her clothes were ill fitting and her shoes needed mending.

She was on the phone talking very loudly, with the phone on speaker.

Sally couldn’t help but hear the conversation:

“I’m not a bad person,” the lady said.

“Why me? I’m starting to lose my faith. All these things have happened to me and it’s been a tough year.”

Sally cringed as she listened to the woman’s conversation.

“You may not be a bad person,” she thought, “But you do have bad thoughts.”

If only the lady knew what Sally knew about how the brain works and how we are responsible for what happens in our lives.

If only she knew that it was her limiting beliefs that were causing the thoughts, the feelings and her action or inaction, which produces her results. If she knew that, she would look deep into her limiting beliefs and change her thoughts so she could create a better future.

It’s our neuroscience and our vibrational reality that dictates what happens to us in our lives.

Bad stuff happens to us when our beliefs are out of alignment with what we want to create. Dr. Raymond Charles Barker calls this “unintelligent thinking”; not because we are stupid, rather because we are not tapping into the amazing intelligence that is all around and part of every one of us. You can call the intelligence God, the Universe, Consciousness, whatever you like.

The facts are that we are not bad people, however on occasion we do have bad thoughts and it’s these bad thoughts that create our misery.

Likewise, when we have good thoughts and operate in alignment with our empowering beliefs, we create amazing things for ourselves.

Your mission this week is to check in with your thoughts and feelings. If you’re not in a good place, see if you can identify the thoughts that may be causing you to feel this way. I’ll wager that there is a limiting belief behind them and it’s the limiting beliefs that we want to work on.

If you’re interested in knowing more or want to get rid of these beliefs that are holding you back, reach out and we can chat some more.

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