WT 675 If you want it, let people know

When it comes to goal achievement, I’ve been taught a couple of different philosophies.

Some say tell everyone, others say tell no-one.  The reason, they say, for not telling anyone is that you don’t want the naysayers dampening your enthusiasm or sabotaging your efforts, or worse, talking you out of what you want.

My mum used to say, “Opinions are like bums, everyone’s got one”, reinforcing the idea that we shouldn’t share our hopes, dreams and goals for fear that others will have an opinion about it.

For me, it depends on the goal. Some goals are worthy of letting others know, so they can help you. Others, that may be a little out of the ordinary may be best kept to yourself until they show signs of being achieved.

Here’s an example of wanting something and letting people know.

When we bought the house last year it had a dilapidated old pergola area out the back on top of pavers. It was ugly, rotting and a safety issue.

Ross started to pull it down.

As he removed the shingles from the roof and the rotting deck, we could see that the frame of the  pergola was structurally sound.

“Rather than pull it all down, what if we turned it into a fernery?” I suggested.

Ross thought about it and decided that could work. It would be Ross’ fernery because he has been loving growing his vegetables and flowers recently.

“How about we have a game with the fernery?” I continued.

“What sort of game?” he asked.

“Well, what if we made a rule that all the plants that grow in the fernery are from cuttings or seeds or gifts from others and that we don’t purchase any plants for it.”

He thought about it and agreed and yesterday he was given some cuttings and seeds that had been sprouted by Peta. He was over the moon. “Our first plants for the fernery, thank you Peta.”

The fernery is going to be a very special space because it will contain plants that were given with love and that have a story behind them. We imagine ourselves sharing it and telling others where each of the plants came from.

Whenever it’s appropriate, we share about the vision for the fernery and we’ve been amazed at the support and encouragement we’ve received. It’s also amazing to see how many others are into gardening and very happy to share what they know.

So, back to you. What’s something you want that you are happy to share with others? What’s something that you would like support with? What’s that something special that you want to create?

If you want it, let people know.

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