WT 643 I like the way you think

Finally, after months of renovating, it was moving day.

I’m always a little anxious when it comes to moving.

In the past, and we’ve had many moves, we were often still packing as the removalists arrived.

This time wasn’t any different.

Scrambling to get office stuff put into boxes so the removalists could take the filing cabinets and credenza, we eventually got there and they were able to complete packing the truck.

Always an avid observer of people, I was impressed with how the head guy operated.

Upon arrival he did a walk through with Ross to assess the job. What was going? Where were the exit options? How was it going to fit on the truck?

He created a plan for which items had to be moved first and then executed the plan, all the while giving instructions to his very strong team mate.

When they arrived at the new house he took his time to assess the best place to park the truck.

The house has a very steep driveway and 14 stairs to the upper level.

He had knocked on the neighbour’s door to see if they would mind if he parked over their driveway. The neighbours didn’t answer. I suggested it would be okay, despite having ignored their moving tips of letting the neighbours know to expect the removalists.

He decided to turn the truck around, facing the opposite direction to the traffic to enable him to position a sideways ramp from the truck to halfway up the driveway. This eliminated the steepest part.

Impressive. I mentioned to Ross how much I liked the way he thought about things.

Another walk through of the destination house, another plan, and off they went, efficiently and effectively dispatching the furniture and they were careful too.

Often with removalists, there doesn’t seem to be a great care factor for the walls etc. in their haste to get things done, nor does there seem to be a plan other than, put it in the truck, take it out of the truck.

This guy was refreshingly different.

He was a thinker and thankfully for us, was able to work out a plan to get the lounge over the front railing onto the verandah on the second story. He was tall, but not that tall to lift a 3 seater lounge over his head from the driveway. He asked Ross to drive Harry HiLux up to driveway and he would stand on the back of Harry and lift the lounge. OMG!

Next challenge was the sliding door didn’t want to come out to allow extra room. Once the lounge was on the verandah, it had to go in that way, so it was up to very strong team mate to get the door out. Lounge delivered, no damage to the lounge, door or walls. Thank you so much.

So what’s the point of this week’s thought?

Are you a thinker or a bull at a gate?

Do you take time to work out what you have to do before jumping into doing it?

How about your team?

Are they helping or hindering your company’s reputation?

If I was working with you and your team would I be reflecting that I like the way you think?

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