WT 698 How do you feel

How did you wake up today?

How do you feel?

Thinking I was being funny, when a yoga teacher asked me one time, (very early in the morning), how I felt, I answered that “I didn’t know yet”. I now realise the folly of this type of comment. It’s not funny.

I can’t remember which book or program I’ve been working on lately, (I often have multiple going at the same time) but one of them gave me a real wake up call about my language when I start the day.

 According to the teachings, most of us depend on external cues to decide how the day is going to go for us.


As an example, say you get on the scales. Depending on the number you are looking at, you may feel happy, sad, angry or indifferent.

Your emotions are being dictated by external factors.

Instead, how about we decide how we’re going to feel when we wake up and how the day will go from there.

Ross and I have just completed Louise Hay’s 21 Day Mirror Work Challenge. The objective is to get ourselves to love ourselves more; to be less critical and judgemental because if we criticise ourselves, we’re more likely to be criticising and judging others.

When we criticise and judge others, we’re not happy and grateful and when we’re not happy and grateful, we attract shitty things into our lives.

So, in this short but very very powerful thought this week, I want to you to start to notice a couple of things:

  1. Are you choosing internal or external factors to determine how your day goes?
  2. Are you being kind to yourself and loving yourself when you look in the mirror or are you criticising and judging yourself?
  3. Are you choosing to be grateful for what you have and what you expect to come or are you pushing it away by being critical and judgemental?

That’s it.  A week of awareness and if you find you’re on the critical and ungrateful side, simply be aware and change your thoughts and focus.  This will change your feelings and your feelings and thoughts together will change what you experience.

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