WT 473 Have Faith - Take Action

It was 1am. We were sleeping in a paddock (a free camp), with only two other caravans nearby.

We had stayed there the night before with about 20 vans and motorhomes and it was quiet and peaceful. We felt safe.

But not the next night. 

The locals had been partying all night and were starting to get unruly. Walking through the paddock they were singing, dancing, fighting and swearing.

I woke Ross. “Do you hear that?”


“There’s people outside and they sound like they’re drunk. I’m uncomfortable. I think we should go.”

“It’ll be fine. They’re just loud like Charlie used to be. They’re most likely harmless.” 

I did my best to go back to sleep without success.

“I can’t do it. We have to go.”

Ross sighed as he got out of bed and got dressed.

Within about 10 minutes we had elevated the bed, pulled the covers off the windows, packed up and were driving out of the paddock.

“I need to get fuel,” Ross reminded me.

We found a service station and the lady (who was working by herself) said we could have stayed across the road but there had been quite a lot of people walking around.

With nowhere to go, we just had to have faith and take action.

As Ross drove northward amidst the fog and B Double trucks carrying sugar cane, I checked the internet and we found another roadside camp about 40 kilometres away.

We arrived around 2:30am and just fitted into a spot off the road.

It was noisy and we didn’t care.

We were safe and our faith and taking action had paid off.

Your turn, what would you have done?

Would you have stayed or gone?

Can you remember a time when you had to act on faith and it worked out?

“Have faith” is something I constantly remind myself.

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