WT 639 Freak yourself out

This week I’ve been totally perturbated, causing me to procrastinate.

Another way of describing perturbation is to freak yourself out.

Perturbation occurs when you are challenged and feel uncomfortable just before a breakthrough.

Vocabulary.com refers to perturbation as a “state of agitation”.

So what caused my freak out?

I decided to create a new online training program called The Loyal Lieutenant Masterclass Series, to support Seconds-in-Command to step up and create systems and processes in their businesses and/or departments.

No big deal.

I’m very comfortable “teaching”.

I’m very uncomfortable “selling”.

In the past, my “sales” webinars have ended up being “training” webinars, meaning attendees got enough training to feel confident that they could do it themselves and yet without the support and the in-depth training, I know they won’t be able to do it or will become too overwhelmed.

So this time I challenged myself to change my presentation and this freaked me out.

I’ve had to totally change my mindset. I’ve sought training and assistance from various people. I couldn’t do it alone.

One of my mentors helped me to see that consumers’ buying habits have changed. Before Covid, many were reluctant to buy online. Before Covid, most marketers thought they had to nurture their subscribers before offering them a solution to their problem.

According to my mentor, consumers want instant gratification. If they’ve got a problem, they want a solution and they want it now. They don’t want to be “nurtured”. They want their problem fixed.

That’s the mindset I’ve adopted. The seconds-in-command, the leaders, the managers who’ve registered for the webinar on how to create systems to save time and money have a problem and I have the solution that can help them, and they want it now. I am doing all of us a disservice if I don’t offer them the help, even though I’m as uncomfortable as hell in making the offer.

I’m sharing this with you because I want to encourage you, to freak yourself out. Get uncomfortable. Commit to doing something that will challenge you. Seek help and guidance. It’s the only way to grow.

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