WT 692 Down a long dark tunnel

I’m so blessed.

I have such great people in my life and community.

This week I was working with my accountant.

I was sharing my desire to travel to South Africa next year to complete the Silva Method Mind Control course again.

The training is being held in a game park and it has always been my goal to visit a game park. This would be an amazing experience, combining the two.

I expressed a little doubt about how I can manifest this and my awareness that this doubt is what will prevent the manifestation.

My accountant surprised me with his response. He said, “It’s like going down a dark tunnel, where you can’t see anything and you have to feel your way through and yet you know you’ll reach the end and get your goal.”


It’s the commitment, the determination, the faith and belief that you will have what you want.

In that moment, I realised I needed to decide; to commit to making it so and taking action.

I’m ready to walk into the long dark tunnel of faith and belief because I know I will emerge into the light.

How about you?

Have you got a long dark tunnel you need to walk down?

Is there something you want and yet doubt your ability to have it?

If so, I encourage you to get into that tunnel.

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