WT 583 Do you know the rules?

With Covid hanging around I thought I’d make this week’s thought a bit lighter.

You know we’ve been travelling and living in the motorhome for the past two and a half years.

What you may not know is that Ross and I have rules or rather etiquette for the shared bathrooms we’ve used in our travels.

The problem is, I don’t think anyone else knows the rules or the etiquette.

In fact, I’m keen to hear if you know the rules.

In most amenities blocks in the caravan parks there are a number of showers and toilets.

According to Ross and I, if you need to go to the toilet and one of the toilets is already taken, the polite thing to do is to leave a toilet between you and take the next one.

That’s our rule. That’s how we’d like things to be.

Unfortunately, not all travellers seem to know this rule.

Just this week I had occasion to go to the bathroom. There were 5 toilets in the ladies block. One of the toilets on the end was occupied, so I did the polite thing and left a vacant toilet in between.

I heard the outside door open. I expected the lady to follow suit and leave a vacant toilet between her and I.

And did she?

No, she did not.

She broke the rules (amongst other things).

She chose the toilet in between my toilet and the lady on the end. That meant there were three occupied toilets together and 2 vacant on the end.

I was not happy. That is not toilet etiquette, according to me.

It’s a bit like having a “shout” at the bar. There are rules and etiquette that you somehow must learn.

Nobody quite teaches you, but you learn never the less.

It’s the same with showers, especially the ones where the walls don’t meet the floor or worse, there is a shared drain where everyone else’s waste water passes by, to the drain at the end of the line. (Tip: Avoid that shower and head upstream.)

So, do you know the rules?

If you do, do you follow them or are you a rule breaker?

And if you’ve got any tips on sharing the rules and the etiquette with others I’d love to know.

Regards Shirley

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