WT 579 Careful what you focus on

I was chatting with our neighbours in the caravan park at Yulara, Northern Territory (near Uluru), when a lady came up and told us that she had been robbed the night before.

Thieves had stolen her husband’s beer from their $2,000 fridge plus a 6 pack that had been left outside. The thieves left the fridge.

When I shared this story with Ross, he said he had heard that same lady asking some other neighbours about security the day before.

Be careful what you focus on because you get whatever it is you focus on, especially what you fear.

Fear is such a powerful vibration and our vibrations attract things into our lives.

Years ago I used to be frightened of a particular event happening and I would say to Ross that it was my biggest nightmare.

Of course, my biggest nightmare manifested.

Because it involves other people, I won’t share the details, however it was a powerful example to me of changing what I focus on.

Simply put, you get what you expect, so expect the best.

In the lady’s example she was focussed on and fearful of being robbed and that’s exactly what happened.

Wouldn’t you rather invest your time and energy and vibration focussing and manifesting what you want.

Careful what you focus on.

Regards Shirley

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