WT 695 Already done, already done

This week’s thought is a doozy. Well, I think so.

Last weekend Ross was busy working with the referendum so I had the weekend to myself.

I planned big things.

There was sooooo much I was going to get done. I had a list of jobs I wanted to complete and the weekend came and went and I didn’t tick any off the list.

Rather than being disappointed with myself or beating myself up, I was energised and excited.

I sat down to read a few chapters of “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden before starting my tasks and well …… Sunday night came and I picked Ross up and raced back inside to read the final 10 pages.

“So what?”, you may think. “You read a book. Big deal.”

Well it was a big deal because Braden is a physicist and he explains how our world of energy and vibration works.

This is so exciting because once we understand this, we can create anything we want.

Here’s a bit of a summary of one particular story that gave me goose bumps all over as I read it:

Western doctors diagnosed a middle aged woman with an inoperable and life-threatening tumour in her bladder. Rather than take medicine, she attended a hospital in Beijing China and in less than 3 minutes her tumour dissolved, all whilst she was conscious and with the operation being filmed in real time.

Braden explains how he watched the video of the operation and listened as the practitioners repeated a type of mantra, which loosely translates into English as “already done, already done.”

This case study was an example to show that “everything from the most horrible suffering to the most joyous ecstasy – and all possibilities in between – already exist…. We have the power to collapse the intervening space and bring those possibilities into our lives, through the silent language of imagination, dreams and belief.” (p.122)

As Einstein said, “Time is not at all what is seems. It does not flow in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past.”

For us, what this means is that what you want already exists. All you have to do is to imagine, dream, believe and feel, really feel the feelings, that it is “already done, already done” and give thanks for what you have already received.

Test it out. Think back to a time when you absolutely knew that something you wanted was going to come to you and you didn’t know how and yet it did.

My new mantra and I invite you to use it too, thanks to Braden and the Chinese doctors, “Already Done, Already Done”.

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